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Nutso Hockey Father Punches Fist Through Plexiglass

Posted: January 22, 2015 by subwaycreatures in WTF
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Let me just say that I grew up playing hockey my whole life and I’ve seen tons of crazy hockey parents just like this guy. Hell, my uncle chased a kid into a locker room after a dirty hit and the cops had to be called. It happens. I’ll tell you what doesn’t happen though–being able to punch your fist through plexiglass. That shit is borderline bullet proof and the fact that this guy was able to make it look like a picture frame is scary. The refs summed it up perfectly. Everyone get off the ice and someone call 911 while I’m still alive!





I really don’t see the big deal. As one commenter pointed out, this could’ve been a lot worse. Ricky could’ve been on his hands and knees cramming a dildo in his ass. How do you train a parent for that one?


What up Grams? Fuck is there two of you?! Yo Dad, what up? Whadda you say we grab a beer after I come down? Mom? What up? Fuck is this orange, heavy motherfucker on my arm?