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Goddamnit times are tough all around the world! The Middle East has an uprising every other day, Muslims are pissed at the US for subway posters that just went up, and women in this country are roaming the streets drunk as fuck and half naked looking for munchies. How in the hell did this woman not slice her femoral artery kicking that window in? This HAS to be an everyday occurrence because no one even reacts to her bahh-ing like a goat, rolling around in broken glass. Just another dark day for Russia I guess.


This guy is just doing what we’ve all thought about doing. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into AT&T and been told I need to buy a new phone instead of getting a replacement. But I can honestly say that I don’t know one person who has T-Mobile’s service. Like how is this company in business? Is this the one store they own and are now going out of business because this guy Hurricane Irene-d it?

Side note: Love the employee who just stands there and watches the whole thing. Not my store so do what you gotta do, sir!