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For anyone who knows me knows how much I despise Kanye West. I’ll give credit to his talent but the guy is the biggest asshole in the world. I know times are tough for him since his preggo girlfriend looks like Octomom but how bad can you feel for a guy who shows up late to his own shows and then proceeds to curse out the audience who paid to be there?  That being said, him walking into a street sign with cameras rolling put a smile on my face. Fuck you Yeezy.


I’ve been to one of these things before and let me tell you it’s stressful as all fuck. Lawyers trying to bait you into saying something incriminating while someone sits there and types every fucking word you say so it can be used against you in court. Weezy has clearly been down this road before because he knew what his answer was gonna be every single question. Genius! If you’ve ever seen what this dude drinks in those Styrofoam cups, he really might not remember any of this.