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Guy Performs WWE Finishing Moves On His Girlfriend In Pool

Posted: March 5, 2015 by subwaycreatures in Awesome
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By far the best thing I’ve seen in a long time! A guy tossing a chick around performing WWE finishing moves synced to Jim Ross?! I can wake up to this every morning! First of all, any girlfriend who would let their man do this to them is an obvious keeper. Second…there wasn’t a whole lot of room for error in a couple of those moves. One slip on that diving board and that chick was a vegetable.








It’s Hump Day…So Get Over It!!!

Posted: September 10, 2014 by subwaycreatures in hump day, Sexy
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Paige from the WWE getting us over today’s hump! Happy Hump Day!




I never understood how this was considered dancing and why people would be all for it. Seems a little bit like cruel and unusual punishment to me but when you put Jim Ross over it–pure genius. Shit, you put Jim Ross over anything and it only makes it better.





Guyism: If you’re like most men in our demographic, you probably watched a little bit of WWE in the 90s. Remember Sean “X-Pac” Waltman and his crotch-to-face finishing move, the Bronco Buster? Apparently it can lead to a torn anus. A number of pro wrestling “news” sites, including, claim that Waltman received the injury performing his signature move at a wrestling show in Minnesota on Saturday night. No one in Waltman’s camp has provided official confirmation on the nature of the injury but his girlfriend, Alicia Webb, tweeted the following on Sunday night:

Picture 28

According to, the unconfirmed injury required surgery early Sunday morning. The site reports that he was able to leave the show and attend an after-party for the event before having to go to the hospital when the injury would not stop bleeding.


Nothing like a good Jay Leno chin tearing your asshole apart enough to require surgery. I’m not a huge wrestling fan but I’ve got a lot of friends who are so I hear a lot of shit through the grapevine and this doesn’t really surprise me. I feel like it was yesterday I was in middle school watching this guy run dick first into people’s faces and I remember thinking that it was only a matter of time before one of his nuts got pushed into his stomach. Never thought his asshole was in that much danger pulling off that move but hey, just goes to show you that anything can happen I guess.

A Case Of The Mondays

Posted: January 14, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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It’s Monday morning and I have as much motivation and enthusiasm as Andy Warhol in this interview. Death!


BroBible: So you need an idea for a movie, but you don’t want to have to go through the arduous process of actually creating a new and original plot. So you lazily do a remake of a very tired, never critically acclaimed franchise, like “Leprechaun.” But you want to spice it up a bit so you incorporate World Wrestling Entertainment to really put the film over the top. This is exactly what Lionsgate studios have done. The two huge entertainment companies will try to get lucky by rebooting the 1993 horror/comedy movie “Leprechaun.” The film is set for a 2013 release despite not having a writer, director or cast. This is the same “Leprechaun” movie that from 1993-2003 had six different films of the insane Irishman. In the films the Leprechaun went to the “hood” twice, Vegas, and even space!


The ‘Leprechaun’ series were my favorite horror movies growing up. That little Irish fucker running around with his clever rhymes, killing people in the most awesome ways. And who woulda thought that his Achilles heel would be to throw shoes to distract him. Now it’s just getting ridiculous. WWE is gonna come in and just ruin everything. Listen, it was a stretch in the first place to have the Leprechaun go to space but now we’re gonna let Vince McMahon give us his version? R.I.P. Leprechaun…R.I.P.