Another Week, Another Bus Driver Beating The Shit Out Of A Passenger


You’d think bus drivers around the world would have learned a lesson from the mortal combat finishing move that took place a couple weeks ago. Despite only defending himself, that bus driver was promptly fired with assault charges pressed against him. Well here we go again! This Baltimore bus driver was suspended from her job after tossing this teenager around like a rag doll. I have no idea what the back story is here but here’s the thing, if you’ve ever used a public bus to get from point A to point B you’d totally understand where these drivers are coming from. Imagine picking up bitchy teenagers all day who run their mouths and think they are the hottest shit since Gangnam Style. They nag the whole ride, complain about fares, and talk on their cell phones as if everyone on the bus is interested in their missed period. Now multiply that by Baltimore, add an 8 hour shift, and this is what you get 9 out of 10 times. Public Transportation: The Devil’s Chariot.

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