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Hammerhead #SharkWeek


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Latest Instagram Post To Get Removed [NSFW]

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And you can clearly see why…



Guy Shamelessly Gets BJ In NYC Subway [FULL VIDEO]

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[Shouts to @turtleslikeme_ for this]

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Of course the ‘Ass Eating Made Simply’ picture from the subway is staged. Comedian Scott Rogowsky took to the subway with a number of book covers in this creative/funny video to get reactions from fellow passengers. Just so happens this specific one got the most attention. Slow clap for this man…

Could This Be The Greatest Abortion Ad Of All Time?

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Fuckin’ SEPTA in Philadelphia…

So Instagram Decided To Remove My Post Of The Guy With The Hog

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What the fuck Instagram?? Does this mean you’re taking down every post of a chick who isn’t wearing a bra under her shirt too? Or any of the other softcore porn all over Instagram? I would hope not but then don’t deny this guy of his glory. So what if it looks like he’s got a banana in his pocket–for all you know that’s exactly what it is. Jon Hamm over here was on his way to Instafame and now he’s been relegated to a blog post. No Justice, No Peace! Just remember… #BigDickedLivesMatter

Girl Catches Man Filming Her From Under His Seat

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Mirror: This is the moment a self-proclaimed feminist confronted a man, accusing him of secretly filming her as she slept on a train. Tegan Portener, 22, said she had just woken from a nap on a train from Sydney, Australia, when she spotted an iPhone poking out from under a seat in front. Realising the device was being operated by a man – who she assumed was filming her – she took out her own phone and recorded him in the alleged act. Her footage appears to show the man pointing the camera in her direction from under the seat before repositioning the phone to get a better shot. Outraged over the incident, Tegan posted the clip on Facebook. Her post has been shared more than 6,200 times in just under 48 hours. A 30-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the incident. Police said he was charged with filming a person’s private parts without consent and offensive conduct. He was taken to Cessnock police station in New South Wales. Officers are examining phones and hard drives seized from his property. He was granted bail and is due to appear before Toronto Local Court on April 20.