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Woman Gets Bubble Bath During Fight On Toronto Subway Platform

Posted: September 6, 2017 by subwaycreatures in WTF
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This video of a man and woman fighting on a Toronto subway platform got reported and removed from Instagram this afternoon. Not sure what the reasoning was but that’s why I have a website. It will now live in infamy here!


No wonder this guy is a fan favorite. Comes over to North America and wants to do nothing but adapt to the culture and learn Engrish. Ichiro has been here since 2001 and the lazy fuck still needs to speak through a translator. Let’s just hope playing in Canada doesn’t rub off on Kawasaki too much. Nothing more awkward than a Jap with an English accent ending each sentence with EH?






I had to look up what Caribana is and apparently it’s a Toronto Caribbean Carnival. Welp, every carnival needs its clowns and here is a car full. These precious angels pretty much define the word ratchet. Imagine if these girls ever met these guys? Civilization might end as we know it…



-Thanks to Meghan for this


Fuck Andre Brown, fuck Daniel Wilson. I want this Ray Lewis running back in the starting lineup against the Carolina Panthers tonight. Not sure if she could pass a PED test tho…