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Parents Brawl During Canadian Hockey Game

Posted: March 26, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Fights, Sports
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Well…that escalated quickly. I always thought Canadian people were supposed to be the nicest, most civil people around but I guess when it’s hockey we’re talking about there are no holds barred. Sounds about right.


Sink holes have to be by far one of the scariest natural disasters. I mean one second you’re standing in your house and the next you’re falling into a massive hole in the ground. Just horrifying. The worst part is that you don’t know how deep or how big the hole is so just like this guy, you could be watching it and all the sudden become part of it. Here’s my personal list of the scariest disasters:

1. Tornado at nighttime¬† (F1? F5? Who knows cause you can’t see the goddamn thing! All you can do is listen and hope it doesn’t toss your ass into the neighboring state)

2. Tsunami (The warning systems for these things is less than 5 minutes. Not enough time for me to get down from my 11th floor NYC building and out of Manhattan. I’m fucked.)

3. Tidal Wave (All I think of when I hear tidal wave is that scene from Deep Impact when that massive wall of water is rushing toward the coastline. There’s nothing you can do if that really happened. You’re dead)

4. Sinkhole¬†(No warning systems for these and if you’re lucky enough to experience one, hopefully you don’t fall into the middle of the Earth)

5. Landslide/Avalanche (Hear that rumbling noise? Feel everything shaking? Nope, not an earthquake. That’s half a mountain on it’s way to your front door to bury you alive. Maybe you’ll get rescued…if you don’t suffocate before then.)


Youtube commenter put it best, don’t bring a knife to a car fight.


Fuck Andre Brown, fuck Daniel Wilson. I want this Ray Lewis running back in the starting lineup against the Carolina Panthers tonight. Not sure if she could pass a PED test tho…