Here Are Some More Hot Female Olympians Competing In Sochi To Look Out For

So yesterday I posted the hottest female snowboard Olympians competing in Sochi this year. Well here are just a few more in other sports. Probably the ONLY thing that makes me wish I was over in Russia next week.

Tanith Belbin (Ice Dancing – Canada)


Tina Maze (Skiing – Slovenia)


Anna Sidorova (Curling – Russia)


Allison Baver (Speed Skating – USA)

Would You Rather…

Here’s one for the gents today. Would You Rather…

Be a top recruited football player at Oregon with this sports facility at your finger tips for 4 years but you have a girlfriend

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Be single working as a life guard at the Playboy Mansion for 4 years with the possibility of banging some of the hottest chicks around (nothing is guaranteed)?

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Would You Rather…

A couple weeks ago we had a special ‘Would You Rather’ for the females. This week I’m doing one for the males. Women, still feel free to answer if you want.

Would You Rather…

Grow up to be a professional athlete who wins a championship for your team but are forced into early retirement right after the win because of injury


Grow up to be an international one hit wonder musician who fades out of the limelight once you’re song is out-of-date?


The Senators/Maple Leafs Game Last Night Involved A KO 26 Seconds In


This is why I watch hockey! 26 seconds into the game and already a fight and a KO. Only other sports you’ll see that in are boxing, MMA, and the occasional Pistons/Pacers game. But only in hockey do the refs clear everything out of the way so there are no obstructions and let the fight go until one man has jelly legs (or they tire out and stop). For those of you who say it’s a boring sport and you can’t get into it, just go watch a game (that doesn’t involve the Islanders) and I bet you’ll change your mind.

Something Actually Happened At The Pro Bowl Yesterday…A Fight Broke Out


Here’s the thing about the Pro Bowl, no one including the players want to go. They had to move the game to the off week between the conference championships and the Super Bowl because of low ratings and even then I chose to watch a Full Throttle Saloon marathon over it. So I guess the 10 fans who went all got seats in the same section and brawled out to keep the day interesting. Even the players on the field were glad to see something going on.


Former Atlanta Braves Pitcher John Smoltz’s Backyard Is Something To Behold



I’m not sure I would ever leave home if I had a setup like this. Baseball field, driving range with chip and putt, stocked pond for fishing, volleyball court, and a regulation basketball court? What else does he need other than maybe a shooting range and a go-kart track? Shit is a water slide and roller coaster away from being straight out of Richie Rich. The price tag on upkeep and maintenance must be a bitch, especially with 6 kids but sell off that Muhammad Ali torch and you’re good for some time.

Just Making Sure Everyone Saw Joe Johnson Make Paul Pierce Look Crippled Last Night


Not a huge basketball fan…actually could care less about the sport but when I see shit like this go on in the NBA, it’s definitely worthy of a post. Paul Pierce looked like he’s turning 66-years old when he reached in on that Joe Johnson dribble. I feel like putting a dude on his ass like that plus making the shot is equivalent to a running back trucking a DB in the secondary for a TD, a hockey player dangling the shit out of a goalie, an outfielder robbing a hitter of a homerun, or a golfer eagle-ling a par 5. You get the idea. Hey Paul, here’s a rag. Wipe JJ’s splooge from your face!