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And Now For Your WTF Video Of The Week

Posted: February 26, 2015 by subwaycreatures in WTF
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My knees hurt just watching this. And how in the hell does this kid get crossed up by a guy like this?! I’ll give him credit for doing what he’s doing but there’s not much element of surprise. Like I know where you’re going with the ball and you still have to shoot it over me.

Side note: Let the Derek Rose jokes ensue…





Old Guy Cheats His Way Into The ‘Pop-A-Shot’ Hall Of Fame

Posted: February 11, 2015 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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This guy might be the scam next to Alex Rodriguez. You might notice that there are 0 balls in the spot next to him and double the amount in his. Yea, he’s got a nice flow going but part of the game is making shots with how many balls you have. If you’re gonna juice the balls then you’re gonna have a fat asterisk next to that 491 score.

Side note: I’ll give him credit on that power move when he wiped his face and walked away like he came up short of what score he wanted



Little Kid Is Gonna Dunk It; Proceeds To Fail At Life

Posted: October 2, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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Classic example of what happens when you’re raised by two mothers.


Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 10.36.14 AM


Check out these guys hustlin’ like it’s part of their mission in life. That dunk that sent all the black guys running down the street was shit men dream of. I had to watch it a couple more times just for the reactions. No better way to earn street cred than to posterize a couple of Gs who thought they were gonna run all over you.




Is ‘men amongst boys’ a relevant term when the kid who is considered the man is only 14-years old? Cause Seventh Woods (yes that’s his name) looks like he’s playing against toddlers out there. I had to rewind and watch it twice to make sure I definitely saw him catch someone’s shot with both hands in mid air. It’s scary to think this kid is still growing right now and has 3 more years of high school ahead of him. Kinda reminds you of some goofy bastard from 2003:

DailyMail: Florida Gulf Coast basketball coach Andy Enfield took to court with his wife and family for his team’s final practice before their historic NCAA tournament match-up tonight. The underdog college shocked the nation earlier this week when they became the first 15th seed to the advance to the Sweet Sixteen stage of the tournament. And Enfield and his wife Amanda- who gave up a modelling career where she starred in ad campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, Armani and Chanel- have taken the media by storm. She was seen holding their son Marcum, whose name is her maiden name, while they watch ‘dad’ at work with his team in the Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas. The relatively unknown team will face off their in-state rivals of Florida State University on Friday, which will determine whether they last one more round in the annual tournament. Amanda, 34, says that she has ‘mixed emotions’ about the new wave of attention that she has been granted in light of her husband’s success on the court, but because she already had her brush with modelling fame at an early age, she seems reluctant to pursue a second round. ‘I never expected this. I’m flattered, and I think it’s great, but it’s also kind of crazy to me,’ she said in an interview with USA Today. ‘I guess it’s kind of cool but it’s still a bit surreal to me. ‘I just don’t think I should be the focus at all. The team is the biggest story. The best part is seeing Andy and the players have their dreams actually come true. They are so happy.’


Isn’t it funny the way people get discovered. Like Brent Musbuger is responsible for Katherine Webb’s diving into a pool right now by making a couple of pervy old man comments, Kim Kardashian is famous for getting stabbed by a black dick on camera, and Jenn Sterger got choad pics from Brett Farve after a camera found her in a crowd at a Florida State Seminoles game. Well welcome (or welcome back) to the scene Amanda Marcum! Popped out 3 kids at age 34 and still looks like she could do modeling spreads in the sand of the Caribbean. Not sure how this stooge with the David Letterman gap reeled that in but then again it’s Florida and finding a financially stable male under the age of 65 must be tough. Now someone toss the big dollars at Mrs. Enfield and let’s see if she’s still got it!


Math. Yawn. Although I will say it makes me feel better when my brackets go out the window on day 1.


DailyMail: We’re on the final countdown to hoops heaven as March Madness tips off later this week. But it just been revealed how much money and time U.S. businesses will lose when employees are watching basketball instead of pounding the keyboard. Incredibly, the survey by global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, calculates that nearly one-third of workers will spend at least three hours per day following the college tournament during work time. Over the first two days of the competition it is estimated that U.S. companies will lose at least $134 million in wages while employees are watching basketball instead. A drop in productivity is inevitable as the study estimates that 3.0 million employees will spend one to three hours watching games at work. ‘It is surprising when you see just how big the numbers are and how big the impact can be,’ Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, told The Huffington Post. ‘We know that because games take place during the work day and with the Internet so widespread now, its easy for workers to get distracted,’ he continued. But maybe you shouldn’t feel that bad about peeking at the matches while at work. Challenger says: ‘At the end of the day, March Madness will not even register as a blip in the overall economy.’ ‘Sequestration is going to have a far bigger impact. Will March Madness even have an effect on a company’s bottom line? Not at all,’ Challenger added. But he does admit that ‘definitely have an impact on the flow of work, particularly during the first week. Starting the day after selection Sunday, people will be organizing office pools, researching teams and planning viewing parties. When the games begin around noon, eastern time, on Thursday, many companies will probably notice a significant drop in Internet speeds, as employees start streaming games and clogging up the network’s bandwidth,’ Challenger continued. Yet, if managers let staff engage in some March Madness on the work dime it may actually be good for business in the long-run. If workers have the freedom to watch basketball during the day, it may well increase employee happiness, which ultimately increases productivity and work output. ‘It takes managers taking a step back and recognizing that today really we measure people’s output in the amount of work people do and the quality of work they do rather than the time they spend actually doing the work itself,’ Challenger said to The Huffington Post. But this is only true if the employees actually turn up to the office. Challenger, Gray & Christmas quoted another piece of research by MSN and Impulse Research. This study read that seven percent of those asked said they take time off from work to watch March Madness. A higher figure – twelve percent of respondents – admitted to calling in sick in previous years in order to catch some college basketball.


$134 million? That’s it? First of all I have no idea where they come up with these numbers and second of all it has to be more than $134 million. In my past experience the first 2 days of this tournament have absolutely paralyzed my office. I’m talking people flat out watching games on the kitchen TV, live streaming off the internet, and even people going to the games. Yea, I come in and make it look like I’m busy but in reality I got one game playing on my computer, one game on my cell phone, and constantly hitting refresh on my bracket homepage. Productivity doesn’t exist which is even more ironic since I work in production. And the kicker that makes everything even worse–the fact that games are now aired on 4 different networks. I’m gonna say $200 million goes to waste around the country and that’s probably low balling.


That Bear Cat print looks like something straight out of Scarface. Not sure who spearheaded this operation but I hope them and their boss got fired. As much as I complain about what the uniforms look like, I’ll still be watching the 12pm game on my computer, constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure no one at work notices. What else am I suppose to watch in the month of March?

So This Chinese Slam Dunk Contest Happened

Posted: February 25, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny, Sports
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Was that the same guy just failing miserably each time or are there multiple people? Can’t tell. What I can tell however is that this dunk contest makes last weeks pathetic NBA dunk contest look amazing.