Nobody Told Me Florida GC Coach Andy Enfield’s Wife Was A Smoke…

DailyMail: Florida Gulf Coast basketball coach Andy Enfield took to court with his wife and family for his team’s final practice before their historic NCAA tournament match-up tonight. The underdog college shocked the nation earlier this week when they became the first 15th seed to the advance to the Sweet Sixteen stage of the tournament. And Enfield and his wife Amanda- who gave up a modelling career where she starred in ad campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, Armani and Chanel- have taken the media by storm. She was seen holding their son Marcum, whose name is her maiden name, while they watch ‘dad’ at work with his team in the Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas. The relatively unknown team will face off their in-state rivals of Florida State University on Friday, which will determine whether they last one more round in the annual tournament. Amanda, 34, says that she has ‘mixed emotions’ about the new wave of attention that she has been granted in light of her husband’s success on the court, but because she already had her brush with modelling fame at an early age, she seems reluctant to pursue a second round. ‘I never expected this. I’m flattered, and I think it’s great, but it’s also kind of crazy to me,’ she said in an interview with USA Today. ‘I guess it’s kind of cool but it’s still a bit surreal to me. ‘I just don’t think I should be the focus at all. The team is the biggest story. The best part is seeing Andy and the players have their dreams actually come true. They are so happy.’


Isn’t it funny the way people get discovered. Like Brent Musbuger is responsible for Katherine Webb’s diving into a pool right now by making a couple of pervy old man comments, Kim Kardashian is famous for getting stabbed by a black dick on camera, and Jenn Sterger got choad pics from Brett Farve after a camera found her in a crowd at a Florida State Seminoles game. Well welcome (or welcome back) to the scene Amanda Marcum! Popped out 3 kids at age 34 and still looks like she could do modeling spreads in the sand of the Caribbean. Not sure how this stooge with the David Letterman gap reeled that in but then again it’s Florida and finding a financially stable male under the age of 65 must be tough. Now someone toss the big dollars at Mrs. Enfield and let’s see if she’s still got it!

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