Here Are Some More Hot Female Olympians Competing In Sochi To Look Out For

So yesterday I posted the hottest female snowboard Olympians competing in Sochi this year. Well here are just a few more in other sports. Probably the ONLY thing that makes me wish I was over in Russia next week.

Tanith Belbin (Ice Dancing – Canada)


Tina Maze (Skiing – Slovenia)


Anna Sidorova (Curling – Russia)


Allison Baver (Speed Skating – USA)

The Snowboarding Event In Sochi Might Have The Hottest Women Around

With all the terrible PR/horror stories we are already hearing out of Sochi, there might actually be another problem for the Winter Olympics. The women’s snowboarding participants are hot enough to melt all of the snow. Seriously, is there some kind of hotness requirement for this event?

Silje Norendal (Norway)


Linn Haug (Norway)


Alexandra Jekova (Bulgaria)


Claire Bidez (USA)


Elena Hight (USA)


Cardinals Safety Rashad Johnson Tweets Pic Of His Severed Finger [WARNING: GRUESOME]


NFL: Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson lost the top of his left middle finger after tackling the New Orleans SaintsDarren Sproles on a punt return during Sunday’s loss, according to The Arizona Republic’s Kent Somers. According to Somers, Johnson came to the sideline after the play with a finger injury. He took off his glove, and the tip of his finger remained behind. Johnson, by our count, then stayed in the game after the injury. Johnson had surgery after the game to shave his finger down to the first knuckle, according to the report. The bone was exposed so infection is a possible concern.


Nasty stuff right here. I’d love to know how it happened and the fact that he still went back in the game is nuts.

Little Pee Wee Football Player With The Play Of The Week


So ESPN is now reporting that both the Giants and the Jets invited this kid to work out for them this week. After David Wilson’s fumbling problems and the Jets non existent run game, both teams felt they would have a better chance in week 2 with this kid in the backfield. More to come on this developing story.

UPDATE: The little bastard turned both teams down

The New York Jets Will Now Organize Their Own J-E-T-S Chant


The Jet Press: Remember our buddy, Fireman Ed? Well it doesn’t look like he is planning on returning for the 2013 season. The Jets are actually planning a way to replace him. And it’s a little bit crazy. The Jets organization has taken it upon itself to take the famous “J-E-T-S” chant, and, instead of letting the fans do it naturally, converted it into an organized event. The letters will be done by designed sections.

How do you know football season is right around the corner? No, not because you might have a fantasy football draft coming up on your calendar–because the Jets are in the headlines for off the field reasons a month before their first game. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with players (yet) and more about how management is organizing the new J-E-T-S chant. Last season Fireman Ed quit on his team because of the “verbal abuse” he was taking for wearing a Sanchez jersey and instead of putting on a throwback Namath, he decided to call it quits. That’s when one guy in the Jets weekly Monday morning meeting sarcastically said let’s divide the stadium into 4 sections and have the fans do the chant themselves. His boss shot a look over and said that’s the greatest idea I’ve ever heard! Let’s put that on a memo to all of our season ticket holders so they know by our first home game! As if Jets fans didn’t have enough to be embarrassed about, now they have to deal with this shit. It’s getting to the point where I almost feel bad…ALMOST.

Under/over of a J-E-T-S chant every home game counting the kickoff = 2.5