The New York Jets Will Now Organize Their Own J-E-T-S Chant


The Jet Press: Remember our buddy, Fireman Ed? Well it doesn’t look like he is planning on returning for the 2013 season. The Jets are actually planning a way to replace him. And it’s a little bit crazy. The Jets organization has taken it upon itself to take the famous “J-E-T-S” chant, and, instead of letting the fans do it naturally, converted it into an organized event. The letters will be done by designed sections.

How do you know football season is right around the corner? No, not because you might have a fantasy football draft coming up on your calendar–because the Jets are in the headlines for off the field reasons a month before their first game. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with players (yet) and more about how management is organizing the new J-E-T-S chant. Last season Fireman Ed quit on his team because of the “verbal abuse” he was taking for wearing a Sanchez jersey and instead of putting on a throwback Namath, he decided to call it quits. That’s when one guy in the Jets weekly Monday morning meeting sarcastically said let’s divide the stadium into 4 sections and have the fans do the chant themselves. His boss shot a look over and said that’s the greatest idea I’ve ever heard! Let’s put that on a memo to all of our season ticket holders so they know by our first home game! As if Jets fans didn’t have enough to be embarrassed about, now they have to deal with this shit. It’s getting to the point where I almost feel bad…ALMOST.

Under/over of a J-E-T-S chant every home game counting the kickoff = 2.5

Something Actually Happened At The Pro Bowl Yesterday…A Fight Broke Out


Here’s the thing about the Pro Bowl, no one including the players want to go. They had to move the game to the off week between the conference championships and the Super Bowl because of low ratings and even then I chose to watch a Full Throttle Saloon marathon over it. So I guess the 10 fans who went all got seats in the same section and brawled out to keep the day interesting. Even the players on the field were glad to see something going on.


This Is What Happens When You Give A Homeless Bears Fan A Beer And A Camera


As long as the Bears can block for 2 seconds, their offense is gonna score 70. The defense is gonna score 50 and special teams gonna score at least 30!

Safe to say this garbage picker was shooting for the stars a little bit with that bold 150 point prediction. Hope he didn’t bet all his cigarettes on that OVER though since both teams put up a combined score of 19 in one of the most boring NFL games of the week.

Busta Rhymes Has To Shit…And He’s Gonna Let You Know It


Since when does Busta have traps on traps on traps? He’s been out of the game for a while but I think it’s clear what he’s been up to. Dude is bigger than his security guard. Incredible Hulkin’ on these female fans is not the best way to get back in the limelight but then again what else can you do when rap music is dead?