Busta Rhymes Has To Shit…And He’s Gonna Let You Know It


Since when does Busta have traps on traps on traps? He’s been out of the game for a while but I think it’s clear what he’s been up to. Dude is bigger than his security guard. Incredible Hulkin’ on these female fans is not the best way to get back in the limelight but then again what else can you do when rap music is dead?

Juiced Out And Drugged Up Roid Head Dies After Being Tased In Gym


Authorities released a surveillance video from the surburban New York gym that shows 32-year-old Chad Brothers knocking over items in the lobby of the gym. He’s then seen pulling down several pieces of exercise equipment in the workout area. The video shows Brothers entering an office off-camera, followed soon after by a police officer with her gun drawn. He was eventually subdued by officers using stun guns. He went into cardiac arrest and died shortly after being taken to an Albany hospital. Authorities say Brothers died of “agitated delirium,” a condition that can result from steroid use.


Isn’t this every other day in gyms in the NY/NJ area? You can’t get that last rep up so you instantly go into a full on roid rage session, complete with toppling equipment and sending people running to their cars. Saw something like this on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore in high school and I’m pretty sure that was the last time I was there. No thanks. I was innocently walking past Midway when a mildly retarded, juiced out, meathead ripped his shirt off and just started hollering at people and families for no reason. You know that feeling when you’re walking on train tracks across a bridge and all the sudden you hear a train coming? Nowhere to go and you know you’re gonna get hit? That’s how I felt. I figured I’d take the Jurassic Park approach and if I didn’t move he couldn’t see me. Well luckily for me he just barked in my face like a dog, I shit my pants, and we all called it a day. Anyway…I’m pretty sure that’s how the few people in this video felt when this guy went on his rampage. Just as helpless as Helen Keller. It’s unfortunate that he died but when you mix PCP, DBalls, and electricity, I’m pretty sure anyone’s heart will stop.

Rat The Size Of A Small Dog Found In NY Foot Locker


“There’s no way it’s a common sewer rat,” Dr. Robert S. Voss, the Curator of Mammals at The American Museum of Natural History in New York, told HuffPost after reviewing the picture. “I’m 90 percent certain that it’s a a Gambian pouched rat.” Voss estimated the rat to be about two-and-a-half feet in length. Another huge Gambian pouched rat made headlines last year when it was killed in Brooklyn’s Marcy houses. Voss said it’s possible this rat was once a pet that could have escaped or been released. Gambian pouched rats were once imported to the United States for sale as pets, but abc.net.au reports that an outbreak of monkeypox in the early 2000s caused the importation of African rodents to be banned. Despite its size, Voss said the rat is harmless and docile, so there’s no need to be worried if you encounter one. He did, however, recommend walking away and calling animal control immediately. An employee at the Foot Locker on Fordham Road in The Bronx who was asked about the image said he was not authorized to speak on the matter. Another representative from Foot Locker’s corporate offices told HuffPost she was not familiar with the image but said she would be looking into it.

Jesus Christ! Either Splinter from TMNT really exists or NYC has it’s first confirmed chupacabra. Two and a half feet?! How is this guy even holding this thing with one hand? I don’t care how docile or innocent this fuckin thing is, if I came across it I would shit and/or piss my pants. And the thought of someone having this as a pet is even more disturbing. No wonder they let it go, it’s equivalent to having a roommate in your apartment. Probably eating everything in site and hogging all the couch space. I hope I never see something like this again…!