Jenna Jameson’s Interview This Morning On Good Day Went Great


Oh how the mighty have fallen. Jenna Jameson both metaphorically and physically used to be on top of the porn industry. And now–yesterday she had her house foreclosed by the bank and today she’s higher than the Red Bull skydiver on Good Day New York. How disappointed do you think Greg Kelly was about all of this? Finally gets to meet the girl who got him through countless lonely Friday nights and she shows up high with a little less work done to her face than Michael Jackson. Just look at the “disappointment/what am I doing here” look on this guy’s face:


Crazy, Naked Guy Attacks Commuters In San Francisco Train Station [NSFW]

BoingBoing: On May 10th, a completely naked man entered the 16th street BART station in San Francisco and began attacking people, spitting, urinating and doing gymnastics moves on railings and turnstiles. BART police eventually shut down the station to arrest the man.


No matter who you are commuting in SF on this day, it’s a terrifying scene. When a guy is this hopped up on drugs (probably PCP), common sense and pain go out the window. Straight up zombie style. You can punch, kick, and hit him and he’ll keep coming at you. I’ve seen cases where tasers and pepper spray don’t even work. Not sure how they got the LMFAO guy down but I definitely wouldn’t hang around to find out. Scary stuff.

Just When You Thought It Went Away, Another ‘Zombie’ Attack In Florida


Florida man on drugs got naked, barged into his girlfriend’s house, bit a chunk out of a man’s arm and ate it, then powered through several cop-deployed Taser probes before getting tackled and arrested. Those are just some of the allegations against Charles Baker of Palmetto, who is already being likened to the Miami man shot and killed after he got naked and chewed 75-percent of a homeless man’s face off. Baker, 26, was visiting his children at his girlfriend’s house on Wednesday night, WPTV reported. He was allegedly high on an unknown substance when he started yelling, throwing furniture around the home, and taking off his clothes. Jeffrey Blake, 48, who lives at the home, tried to stop the madness, but Baker reportedly chewed a slab of flesh from Blake’s arm. Somehow Blake was able to restrain him until cops arrived. But the violence didn’t end there. Baker was allegedly going wild, tensing his body and screaming at police, ABC News reported. An officer deployed a Taser on Baker and he fell, but got back up and pulled out the probes. Then the officer used a handheld stun gun — twice — before he was able to subdue an apparently crazed Baker and arrest him. Baker was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation before he went to jail. He was allegedly high on unknown drugs during the melee. It’s unclear if his children saw the episode. It’s the third case of flesh-biting in Florida similar to the Miami incident in as many weeks. On Saturday, Giovanni Martinez allegedly bit into the arm of a hospital nurse and threatened to eat hospital staff’s faces off “like that guy in Miami.”

I don’t know what they got in the water down in Florida but tasers aren’t gonna cut it, bro!

Man Talks About ODing On Bath Salts


Listen, 6 cannibal stories in one week is not what we call par for the course so I’m riding this out of control ‘zombie’ train until it crashes and burns. Bath salts are a good start to pointing the finger but I’m pretty sure people are just sick and crazy worldwide.

Take Freddy here for example. Took bath salts until Jason Voorhees hopped in his head and he had to be strapped down to a gurney, tripping like he was on the boat from Willy Wonka’s Factory. No thanks.

Cracked Out Chick Carries On Relations With Palm Tree


This is one hell of a love/hate relationship. One second they are making out like high school kids and the next she’s slapping the poor Giving Tree like he let 3 other chicks swing from him. The sad part here is that there’s a music festival going on and there’s a musician trying to compete with a looney toon sucking face with a palm tree. No contest. The side shows are always better than the circus!


“What’s In My Mouth?”


If I had nickel for every time I’ve heard these three questions in the same sentence…

– Where I am?

– Why am I here?

– What’s in mouth?

…I’d be a millionaire.

‘David goes to the dentist’ was funny because it was a little kid who had never been hopped up on drugs before. This girl, however, looks like she was just picked up from a frat house the morning after a party. Hey mom, she’s just gonna keep asking what’s in her mouth so as long as you’re filming it, have a little fun and start making things up.

Juiced Out And Drugged Up Roid Head Dies After Being Tased In Gym


Authorities released a surveillance video from the surburban New York gym that shows 32-year-old Chad Brothers knocking over items in the lobby of the gym. He’s then seen pulling down several pieces of exercise equipment in the workout area. The video shows Brothers entering an office off-camera, followed soon after by a police officer with her gun drawn. He was eventually subdued by officers using stun guns. He went into cardiac arrest and died shortly after being taken to an Albany hospital. Authorities say Brothers died of “agitated delirium,” a condition that can result from steroid use.


Isn’t this every other day in gyms in the NY/NJ area? You can’t get that last rep up so you instantly go into a full on roid rage session, complete with toppling equipment and sending people running to their cars. Saw something like this on the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore in high school and I’m pretty sure that was the last time I was there. No thanks. I was innocently walking past Midway when a mildly retarded, juiced out, meathead ripped his shirt off and just started hollering at people and families for no reason. You know that feeling when you’re walking on train tracks across a bridge and all the sudden you hear a train coming? Nowhere to go and you know you’re gonna get hit? That’s how I felt. I figured I’d take the Jurassic Park approach and if I didn’t move he couldn’t see me. Well luckily for me he just barked in my face like a dog, I shit my pants, and we all called it a day. Anyway…I’m pretty sure that’s how the few people in this video felt when this guy went on his rampage. Just as helpless as Helen Keller. It’s unfortunate that he died but when you mix PCP, DBalls, and electricity, I’m pretty sure anyone’s heart will stop.