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Guy Is Out Of His Mind High On NYC Subway

Posted: February 10, 2015 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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Remember that first time you got drunk and someone passed you a blunt and against your better judgement you hit it? 5 minutes later you get the spins and you’re talking like this guy? I don’t really either. Just like hopefully this guy doesn’t remember this. Keep it at home people!



And Now For Your WTF Video Of The Week [NSFWish]

Posted: July 16, 2014 by subwaycreatures in WTF
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Just some dude getting plowed in the ass by a gay ghost. I’d say that qualifies as a WTF video.



-930640607aa26211 Six people have been arrested and charged with drug offenses after firefighters battling a two-alarm blaze stumbled onto a lab for growing psychedelic mushrooms in the attic of a home near the Hamilton border on Tuesday, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office said today. About 60 mason jars were discovered, where mushrooms in various states of growth were being cultivated, along with marijuana, LSD, and the extracted juice of a rare jungle root used to make one of the most powerful hallucinogens known to man, officials said. Other substances which could not immediately be identified were sent to the State Police lab, said Lt. Mike Novembre of the county’s Special Investigations Unit.

New Jersey just refuses to stay out of national headlines. And not necessarily for all good reasons. LAX gunman, mall suicides, and now this. Imagine being one of these 6 people standing outside just hoping the wind picks up and burns that attic down? Instead investigators found their stash which included the extracted juice of a rare jungle root used to make one of the most powerful hallucinogens known to man. What the fuck, man! Where does one get that other than these people’s attic? Um, it’s not for me…it’s for a friend I’m just curious.


Oh how the mighty have fallen. Jenna Jameson both metaphorically and physically used to be on top of the porn industry. And now–yesterday she had her house foreclosed by the bank and today she’s higher than the Red Bull skydiver on Good Day New York. How disappointed do you think Greg Kelly was about all of this? Finally gets to meet the girl who got him through countless lonely Friday nights and she shows up high with a little less work done to her face than Michael Jackson. Just look at the “disappointment/what am I doing here” look on this guy’s face:


Big Girl Pops A Molly On The SEPTA Bus And Gross Things Ensue

Posted: October 16, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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Someone turn up the A/C, stat! This chick is literally melting!! Last time I saw a chick like this was on one of those birthday cards from Spencer’s Gifts. Reason #3,421 I don’t ride the bus anywhere. It’s so bad but I can’t look away! Make it stop!


Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 1.26.29 PM


I’d love to know what’s going through this girl’s head right now. Mind-blown!

BoingBoing: On May 10th, a completely naked man entered the 16th street BART station in San Francisco and began attacking people, spitting, urinating and doing gymnastics moves on railings and turnstiles. BART police eventually shut down the station to arrest the man.


No matter who you are commuting in SF on this day, it’s a terrifying scene. When a guy is this hopped up on drugs (probably PCP), common sense and pain go out the window. Straight up zombie style. You can punch, kick, and hit him and he’ll keep coming at you. I’ve seen cases where tasers and pepper spray don’t even work. Not sure how they got the LMFAO guy down but I definitely wouldn’t hang around to find out. Scary stuff.

Girls On Molly Kick Off The Weekend!

Posted: March 22, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny, Music
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Holy Molly…in honor of ULTRA weekend here is pretty much what’s going on down there. Have a safe weekend everyone!

Tripping On Molly Kicks Off The Weekend

Posted: February 15, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Weekend Kickoff
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Wow… Have a SAFE weekend everyone!


Florida man on drugs got naked, barged into his girlfriend’s house, bit a chunk out of a man’s arm and ate it, then powered through several cop-deployed Taser probes before getting tackled and arrested. Those are just some of the allegations against Charles Baker of Palmetto, who is already being likened to the Miami man shot and killed after he got naked and chewed 75-percent of a homeless man’s face off. Baker, 26, was visiting his children at his girlfriend’s house on Wednesday night, WPTV reported. He was allegedly high on an unknown substance when he started yelling, throwing furniture around the home, and taking off his clothes. Jeffrey Blake, 48, who lives at the home, tried to stop the madness, but Baker reportedly chewed a slab of flesh from Blake’s arm. Somehow Blake was able to restrain him until cops arrived. But the violence didn’t end there. Baker was allegedly going wild, tensing his body and screaming at police, ABC News reported. An officer deployed a Taser on Baker and he fell, but got back up and pulled out the probes. Then the officer used a handheld stun gun — twice — before he was able to subdue an apparently crazed Baker and arrest him. Baker was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation before he went to jail. He was allegedly high on unknown drugs during the melee. It’s unclear if his children saw the episode. It’s the third case of flesh-biting in Florida similar to the Miami incident in as many weeks. On Saturday, Giovanni Martinez allegedly bit into the arm of a hospital nurse and threatened to eat hospital staff’s faces off “like that guy in Miami.”

I don’t know what they got in the water down in Florida but tasers aren’t gonna cut it, bro!