Zombie Apocalypse Continues In The Subway As Man Bites Off Passenger’s Ear


If you don’t have the strength the push a 67 year old geriatric off you while he eats your dignity and other Asians take pictures like they’re in Times Square, then you deserve to lose your ear as well as your balls. Scary scenario but come on, you’re 40 years younger!

Just When You Thought It Went Away, Another ‘Zombie’ Attack In Florida


Florida man on drugs got naked, barged into his girlfriend’s house, bit a chunk out of a man’s arm and ate it, then powered through several cop-deployed Taser probes before getting tackled and arrested. Those are just some of the allegations against Charles Baker of Palmetto, who is already being likened to the Miami man shot and killed after he got naked and chewed 75-percent of a homeless man’s face off. Baker, 26, was visiting his children at his girlfriend’s house on Wednesday night, WPTV reported. He was allegedly high on an unknown substance when he started yelling, throwing furniture around the home, and taking off his clothes. Jeffrey Blake, 48, who lives at the home, tried to stop the madness, but Baker reportedly chewed a slab of flesh from Blake’s arm. Somehow Blake was able to restrain him until cops arrived. But the violence didn’t end there. Baker was allegedly going wild, tensing his body and screaming at police, ABC News reported. An officer deployed a Taser on Baker and he fell, but got back up and pulled out the probes. Then the officer used a handheld stun gun — twice — before he was able to subdue an apparently crazed Baker and arrest him. Baker was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation before he went to jail. He was allegedly high on unknown drugs during the melee. It’s unclear if his children saw the episode. It’s the third case of flesh-biting in Florida similar to the Miami incident in as many weeks. On Saturday, Giovanni Martinez allegedly bit into the arm of a hospital nurse and threatened to eat hospital staff’s faces off “like that guy in Miami.”

I don’t know what they got in the water down in Florida but tasers aren’t gonna cut it, bro!

PinkVisual Has The Right Idea Building A Porn Bunker For The Coming 2012 Apocalypse


As you might have read in the news this morning, we’re building an enormous underground bunker in preparation for the Apocalypse that various prognosticators and ancient calendar interpreters have predicted will take place in December of 2012. To answer the two main questions that are likely burning in your mind right about now (based on the responses we’ve received from media outlets to our press release this morning):

– Yes, we’re serious about this.

– No, I mean it: we really are building a great big underground bunker.

Why are we doing this, you ask? Look at this way; if the Apocalypse doesn’t happen in 2012, we will still have the coolest bunker on the planet, and we can use it as a location to shoot content in, rent it out to other studios –  maybe even major Hollywood studios – to use, or maybe even open a big underground strip club (although getting the requisite permits to do might be an issue with respect to that idea, admittedly). On the other hand, if the Apocalypse does happen, we’re in good shape, while all the people currently saying we’re nuts for building this bunker will be the ones who find themselves screwed.


Honestly, what does PinkVisual have to lose here? Love the idea and the floor plans look perfect. It’s really good to see they have their priorities together and I want in! While the rest of the world is killing each other for food and water, I’ll be sitting center stage drinkin’ bubbly and makin’ dollar bills rain on the hottest strippers around. I almost can’t wait for December 2012 now…