Guy Pulls Samurai Sword On Punk Kids On Light Rail


Is carrying a samurai sword even street legal? I don’t know what the laws are for that but I can tell you right now that if this geek pulled a 2 1/2 foot sword on my ass I’m walking away too. You know this kid has been waiting for this day to go down his whole life. This was his wet dream come true and even though he came in his pants, he’s forever known as the Light Rail Katana Kid.

Zombie Apocalypse Continues In The Subway As Man Bites Off Passenger’s Ear


If you don’t have the strength the push a 67 year old geriatric off you while he eats your dignity and other Asians take pictures like they’re in Times Square, then you deserve to lose your ear as well as your balls. Scary scenario but come on, you’re 40 years younger!

NYC Rat Finds A New Home Up Woman’s Pant Leg

DailyMail: A woman was forced to drop her trousers in the middle of a packed rush hour subway train when a rat ran up her trouser leg. Ana Vargas, 40, was sitting in the train at 7.50am as it approached New York’s Columbus Circle station when the terrifying rodent suddenly crawled up her leg. The hotel supervisor said she initially thought it was her trousers moving until she realised she was being attacked. Despite violently shaking her trousers, the large rodent still didn’t drop out. ‘I said, “Oh, my God — it’s an animal on my leg”‘ , she told New York Daily News. ‘I was shaking, but nothing was coming out . . . I had to pull my pants down in front of everyone on the train.’ Thankfully, Mrs Vargas’ blushes were saved when three men tried to shield her from flashing people in the carriage. ‘I grabbed his head, because he was scratching me, she said. ‘I didn’t want it to bite.’ As the train stopped, Mrs Vargas – who works at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel – dropped the rat and ran for help in a state of shock. She describes being extremely nervous and was shaking and shivering following the incident on Friday. Police officers were called to the scene along with paramedics who took her to the Roosevelt Hospital. She was treated by doctors for scratches to her thigh and leg. She also described feeling a burning sensation. Mrs Vargas was given a Tetanus shot before being released from the hospital. The rat could not be found after the incident, which has left Mrs Vargas traumatised and fearful about using the subway to get to work every day. Following the rat attack, extra inspections have been carried out on the subway network. MTA – which manages the subways – said it regularly cleaned subway cars and platforms which could attract rodents. The agency also said passengers can help by not eating food in the subways and throwing litter in rubbish bins.


Fuckin’ NYC rats! Arguably the most fearless, disease ridden creatures in the world. Don’t blame Ana Vargas for one second here. One of these fuckers runs up my pants and they can keep’em. Don’t even want them back. Yea, I’ll walk home in my underwear cause that’s nothing compared to what I’d contract from a rat gnawing on my leg. You know what that burning sensation is on your leg, Ana? Probably some rare, untreatable disease that that rat had from chewing on a dead homeless man’s body. No thanks!


Russian Chick Somehow Walks Away From Polar Bear Attack


It might just be me but does this not look like the strangest place to see this? I understand it’s NORTHERN Russia but does that mean they have Coca-Cola polar bears walking down the streets downtown? I mean if they’re plane had just crashed on a tropical island where everything had strange ‘Dharma’ writing all over then that’s completely understandable of course. But when I hear polar bear I think Arctic conditions and seals and Eskimos. Is this how far global warming has come that the polar bears are now moving in next door in Russian towns?

Lady is lucky to be alive and we have to thank whoever was filming or else we wouldn’t have this little gem. I love how in these situations people keep the camera rolling, especially for the embarrassing pants fall. You know this person could of edited that part out before they posted this but decided it gave the video just a little bit more. Thank you Russia, for finally having the technology so we can see what your daily life is like. We don’t get polar bear attacks here too often.

Rats Begin Subway Takeover, Bite Woman Downtown


AM New York:

A rat bit a horrified straphanger earlier this week on a subway platform. The unidentified woman, described as being in her mid-20s, was waiting for the J train on a bench at the Chambers Street station about 9:30 Monday morning when, she said, the rodent peeked out from underneath and bit her right foot, which was unprotected by her open-toed shoes. “She was crying — she was quite hysterical,” when the woman went to the service booth at the station, a subway employee told amNewYork yesterday. “She had a cut … you could see the fresh blood,” he continued, adding that it was the first time he had heard of a commuter being attacked by a rat. The woman was taken to New York Downtown Hospital, according to an MTA document. Spokesmen for the hospital and the MTA did not comment by press time. While rats are fairly common in subway stations, most rodent bites occur when people at home try to release mice from traps, health department spokeswoman Susan Craig said. About 200 rodent bites are reported each year, according to city data. “The best way to prevent rats is to keep the subway stations clean,” Craig said. “The more people can do to keep garbage away, and to not throw garbage in the subway tracks — especially food — the less rats there will be.”


NYC rats are seriously no joke. Most are the size of kittens and just the nastiest subway creatures next to this guy. I was walking down the sidewalk late one night and I swear to god one ran out right in front of me and just stood there and stared at me as if to say ‘pay the toll asshole.’ He was not scared of me at all and looked at me like I was the crazy one. It’s not a surprise that this woman got bit but it surprises me what time it happened. 9:30am!? Shouldn’t rats be sleeping at that point? Commuters shouldn’t have to worry about rats at that time! Now if it were 5 or 6 hours earlier I can see them being all over. Fuck terrorism, I’m worried about getting bit by the rabid rats that are probably wandering the subway just spreading some undiscovered disease all over the place. This chick is probably dying a slow, painful death with her hair falling out and there is no cure in sight. Happy Friday!