Russian Chick Somehow Walks Away From Polar Bear Attack


It might just be me but does this not look like the strangest place to see this? I understand it’s NORTHERN Russia but does that mean they have Coca-Cola polar bears walking down the streets downtown? I mean if they’re plane had just crashed on a tropical island where everything had strange ‘Dharma’ writing all over then that’s completely understandable of course. But when I hear polar bear I think Arctic conditions and seals and Eskimos. Is this how far global warming has come that the polar bears are now moving in next door in Russian towns?

Lady is lucky to be alive and we have to thank whoever was filming or else we wouldn’t have this little gem. I love how in these situations people keep the camera rolling, especially for the embarrassing pants fall. You know this person could of edited that part out before they posted this but decided it gave the video just a little bit more. Thank you Russia, for finally having the technology so we can see what your daily life is like. We don’t get polar bear attacks here too often.

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