CRAZY: Drunk Woman Hits Moving Train And Then Is HIT By Second Train


LiveLeak: A woman was involved in a wreck with two trains on Sunday morning, and Police said the 29-year-old woman was fleeing police when the accident occurred. Officials said the woman walked away with only a broken arm, which seems like a miracle considering images of the vehicle. The mangled Mercedes sat pinned under the train for several hours after the driver was rushed to the hospital. Detective Adam Osoro of the Woods Cross Police Department described the accident.“ It just couldn’t stop in time,” he said of the woman’s vehicle. “It was too close to the incident, didn’t have time to stop.” At about 8:20 a.m., police responded to an unwanted guest disturbance call. In other words, the suspect wouldn’t leave someone’s house. “Our complainant gave a vehicle description of someone that was involved,” Osoro said. “At that time, one of our patrolmen spotted the vehicle and attempted to stop it on Redwood Road.” When the woman didn’t pull over for police, a brief chase began. Osoro said it was during the chase the woman and the trains collided. “There was already a southbound train going across 2600 south, and she hit that train while it was crossing,”Osoro said. “While officers were trying to get her out of her car, a second southbound train hit her vehicle.” Despite the impacts, the woman suffered only a broken arm. “The vehicle sustained heavy damage, so in this case she’s very lucky to still be with us,” Osoro said. Witnesses involved said alcohol was present at the original location, but police haven’t confirmed whether the woman was intoxicated. Police officials said she faces charges for evading arrest, and additional charges are being investigated.


Drunk drivers most of the time live through their own horrific crashes. Case in point, this bitch. Thankfully it was a train she hit and not a soccer mom van carrying kids but it very easily could’ve been. To be honest, I wasn’t even expecting a second train to come through so when it did my jaw dropped. How this hot mess made it through with only a broken arm is mind boggling.



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Crazy Guy Runs From Cops Right In Front Of On Coming Train

WFMZ: New video has surfaced of a Berks County man fleeing police and jumping into the path of a moving train. The cell phone video was captured by a 69 News viewer and details exactly what happened on the train tracks late Friday night in Spring Township. According to police, the man in the video is Nevin Walls, and he was fleeing from a uniformed officer. Just before midnight Friday, police were called after Walls, 31, wearing only boxer shorts, was acting disorderly in the 2200 block of Penn Avenue. Walls ran into the parking lot at the Redner’s Quick Shoppe and started screaming and yelling, police said. Then, he got into a car with a woman and child and demanded she drive away, said police. When an officer attempted to get in the vehicle, Walls ran up the embankment, raised his hands and jumped toward the approaching train, said police. “Anybody that knows him knows he wasn’t in a right mental state,” said Shaine Pachilis, who has been friends with Walls for more than 15 years. Pachilis claims Walls suffers from severe mental problems. Remarkably, he did survive. He was found lying between the rails and taken to Reading Hospital. According to Pachilis, he’s since been transferred to the University of Penn in Philadelphia.


Well that turned into an easy arrest. There’s gotta be nothing scarier than being a cop and getting the call that a crazy is running around the 7-11 parking lot in his boxers. You could literally see that cop stalling for time when Looney Toons tried to carjack that woman and her baby. Now, getting run over by a locomotive has to be one of the worst ways to go out because there’s always the chance you could just get your legs run over and survive through the pain. Sure enough that’s what sounds like happened here. The crazy lives to see another day.

Drunk Guy Falls Onto Tracks, Gets Robbed, Subsequently Run Over By Train

BroBible: Admittedly, this is a tough video to watch. Provided that you don’t have a death-by-train fetish. The basic backstory goes that a drunk man stumbling around the subway platform in Sweden, lost his footing and took a header into the tracks. Another man saw this, jumped down onto the tracks, burglarized the lifeless body before him and then left him there. Seconds later, a train comes — man still lying there — and runs right over his body. Unfathomably, he survived. Well, actually only eighty-percent of him survived as doctors have to amputate his one leg but he’s still breathing and has use of his brain so that’s a win.


Let’s look at this optimistically, the guy somehow survived. He may be down one leg but he’s alive. And not to throw salt in his crushed leg wound, but what was the guy who robbed him going to do anyway? Dude was drunk and knocked the fuck out laying on the tracks like he was on Sealy Posturepedic. Yea, yea, he coulda flagged the train down but he just robbed the guy. He’s gotta get rid of the witnesses! Only thing that sucks for the robber is that from the looks of how drunk that dude was, I highly doubt there was any money left in his wallet anyway.

So Playing Chicken With Subway Trains Is The New Teen Craze In NYC?


I just don’t get kids these days. I’ve recently heard stories from kids sticking vodka covered tampons up their asses to actually drinking hand sanitizer straight from the bottle. Now this shit? Since when was the bar set so high? When I was a kid we did bong hits called “Waterfalls” that basically rendered you paralyzed for about an hour, you got hungry and munched out, called it a night and passed out. That was a “wild” night for me. Call me old fashioned but fuck sticking things up my ass, drinking chemicals, or playing Red Rover with subway trains.

Brazilian Road Rage At It’s Best


It always pisses me off when I’m stuck in traffic and motorcycles get to creep right thru like a game of Frogger. I’m sure that’s what’s going on here and the lady couldn’t take it anymore so she had some choice words for this guy. I dunno what he’s all bent outta shape for? He doesn’t have to sit in the traffic and coulda been on his merry way but instead has to kick the one van with the psycho soccer mom in the driver’s seat.

Pretty sure this guy shoulda been dead about 3 different times but that has to be the worst feeling for this chick when she rams a parked car only to find him still pounding on her window.

Man Nearly Blows His Head Off With Shot Gun


Remember growing up when your parents would always tell you not to put your face over the fireworks you were about to light? Well this is kinda like that only with a high powered shot gun. People like this deserve to get Kurt Cobain’d because if you’re stupid enough to put your face over the barrel of a shot gun that you just pumped 2 rounds into, I can’t feel bad for you. If the hat you’re wearing on your head has a hole in it that looks like a gaping asshole, you know something went wrong. Now go buy a lottery ticket because today is your lucky day.

Man Has Nuts Ripped To Shreds By Crocodile

A 70-year-old man from Zimbabwe narrowly escaped a crocodile attack as he crossed the Chivake River with his pants off — but he lost part of his testicles and suffered a few broken bones in the melee. Jonah Maturure told the Sunday News that he’d taken off his trousers and put them in a tomato box above his head before he crossed the river. He’d crossed the same spot in the same river several times before, but this time, a giant croc was waiting for him. “I was not suspecting anything … But when I was almost in the middle of the river I was attacked,” he told the news website. “It mauled a chunk of my buttocks before attacking my manhood, tearing my testicles into shreds. The skin covering my manhood was partly torn but I quickly put my thumb in its mouth … It then grabbed my hand and I could hear my bones cracking.” Realizing that he wasn’t going to save his personal possessions, he threw his tomato box in the river, The Sun reported. That move may have saved his life. The beast loosened its death grip and swam straight for the tomato box. Maturure escaped, bleeding profusely from his nethers, and ran to a nearby house for help. The battle was just one of a string of crocodile attacks recently in Gutu, an area with a spread-out population of just 78 people per mile.


Wouldn’t wanna live through this. That’s all I was thinking while reading this. But hey, you cross a murky river with no pants on just dangling your dick in a croc’s face, you get what you deserve, right?

No way in fuckin’ hell I would cross a river in Zimbabwe, pants or not. I’ve watched way too much Planet Earth to know better than that. Croc’s are just the beginning of what would swallow your dick whole. Piranhas, snakes, and hippos are all on the list of animals that would love to just rip your manhood off and not even think twice about it. If I watched a croc eat my balls off and feed them to it’s young, I would swim over and let it finish the job. No point in living after that but something tells me Jonah will be taking the long way around the river next time.


Meet The Man With Half A Head, Halfy


So Halfy here had parts of his brain and skull removed after he was driving on drugs, hit a pole, and flew through his front windshield. Somehow doctors were able to save him and just like any person who was just used as a human projectile, Halfy is right back at it smoking weed on Youtube. I mean, the brain is so overrated anyway, right? Other than people being able to eat cereal out of the top of his head, I was trying to think of other advantages to having this guys dome. Maybe half price hair cuts, he gets high that much quicker, and immune to zombies. So, uh, pretty much it blows.