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So yea, the host country of the World Cup, Brazil, only lost by an NFL touchdown yesterday which in soccer actually translates to 97-0.

Meanwhile in Brazil…





Probably the only way you’ll get me to listen to the Vengaboys. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!






Sao Paulo – As a claustrophobic person I can tell you that this is my ultimate nightmare. Not sure how far that drop is over the side of the balcony but I would certainly contemplate jumping. If this is what the subway looks like a couple weeks prior to the World Cup then I don’t even want to imagine what it will look like come the first game. Forget a terrorist bomb–getting crushed to death would be my main fear!




Brazilian model Suelyn Medeiros gettin’ us over the hump today. Happy Hump Day!




Remember that movie ‘Unbreakable’ with Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis? Well I think we’ve found the real life version. This little guy gets his head rolled over TWICE by a runaway car and shoots up like he was doing up/downs at the NFL combine. That’s either pure adrenaline working at its best or this kid is really unbreakable.



This Guy Might Die From Steroids Tomorrow

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Inject a little TON of synthol into your body and I guess this is what you get–some mutated Bane looking creature. Forget being able to wipe his own own ass, this guy can barely scratch his head. Cool I guess if you like walking around looking like you’re wearing swimmies all the time.




HuffPost: A 25-year-old model with a 42-inch bottom has been crowned Brazil’s new Miss Bum Bum. Dai Macedo, who represented the central state of Goias in the nationwide search for the woman with the most bodacious butt in all of Brazil, was chosen from among 15 finalists by the contest’s grand jury in Sao Paolo this week. “It’s a lot of work, a lot of devotion,” Macedo told Agence France-Presse by way of an interpreter. “I denied myself a lot of things. No nightclubs. No sweets. I went to the gym Saturdays and Sundays.” The sacrifice is well worth it. Miss Bum Bum winners become instant celebrities in Brazil, and receive a fortune in endorsements. But the glamor comes with its share of drama. Earlier this year, a columnist for Brazilian newspaper O Dia accused Miss Bum Bum contestants Mari Sousa and Eliana Amaral of bribing judges in attempts to win.


Brazil. Home of the curviest, hottest women in the world. And I think they got it right this year with one of the most amazing asses I’ve ever seen! It’s real, it’s waxed, and there’s no cellulite. You could set a drink down on that thing if you needed to. I’ll let the .GIFs speak for themselves:







Justin Bieber Filmed By Hooker Sleeping

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With the huge security team Justin Bieber runs around with and all the paper work he has these chicks fill out prior to fuckin him, you’d have to wonder how this slore got away with this. Maybe she didn’t? But don’t they usually confiscate cell phones and anything else that records or communicates? Either a lawsuit or a missing persons case is coming up soon. Stay tuned!



Everyone in the world knows Brazilian women have the most amazing genetics which is why the curviest, sexiest women on the planet are found there. Contests like these must be next to impossible to judge and since we’re going solely off of just bodies, it makes it all the more challenging. I wanted to rank my top 3 but after watching about 10 times it’s just too fuckin’ hard. The best I can do is highlight a few I instantly fell in love with:


1. Not the greatest ass out of the bunch but this isn’t just an ass contest–it’s full body. Plus that Shakira hip move did it for me.


2. I like’em small, I like’em tatted up. This chick is tight!


3. Have to throw a brunette in the mix! You could stick a piece of coal up this ones ass and she’d shit a diamond. No idea what that means but I heard it somewhere and I feel like it fits.


4. Stop everything! Hold the presses! We have a winner! If this chick didn’t win then the fix is in. You can set a drink down on that thing plus she’s got moves. I’m in love!


Also: No way this chick’s ass is real. Just no way. Implant city.


-Thanks to Chris for this


DailyMail: In a stunning example of a soap opera come to life, a video has surfaced from Brazil that depicts the hilarious struggle of a man attempting to escape a cheating woman’s bedroom after her husband has come home. And it’s out a third story window. As the drama begins, a husband and wife are seen arguing on the third-floor patio of an urban apartment building.


Not a chance. No way this guy got caught by chica’s husband and had time to tie sheets together to scale a window while the fire department shows up with mats for him to jump onto like this is a regular occurrence. Just doesn’t happen in real life. No idea what it would be a publicity stunt for but I’m not buying this is a real thing.