Little Boy Dies, Comes Back To Life At Funeral, Promptly Dies Again

Daily Mail: A two-year-old Brazilian boy, Kelvin Santos, stopped breathing during a treatment for pneumonia and was declared dead at 7:40pm on Friday. His body was handed over to his family in a plastic bag, and the devastated family took him home where they held a wake for him. Throughout the night the little boy’s body laid in an open coffin, but an hour before his funeral was supposed to take place on Saturday, the boy apparently sat up in his coffin and said: “Daddy, can I have some water?”. Unfortunately the “miracle” was short lived, because shortly after waking, the little boy laid back down, just the way he was. The family could not wake him, and he was dead again. The father rushed his son back to the Aberlardo Santos hospital in Belem, and doctors reexamined the boy, but unfortunately confirmed that he had no signs of life. The family decided to delay the funeral for an hour in the hope that he would wake up again, but ended up burying him at 5pm that day in a local cemetery.


You gotta be kidding me with this one! Miracle, shmiracle. How you suppose to bury this kid if he’s gonna snap out of it an hour later asking for milk and cookies? Hey Kelvin, make up your goddamn mind. You can’t just keep coming back from the dead asking for petty things!

9 thoughts on “Little Boy Dies, Comes Back To Life At Funeral, Promptly Dies Again

  • That’s crazy! I’d have waited a few more days… what if the kid wakes up again but is 6 feet under?… aka my worst fear. Taxidermy all the way.

  • The last part of your post was unnecessary. Or you think he found it funny to play alive when he was really dead? Take your job more seriously dude.

  • did you really find it necessary to say that at the end? loosing a child or a child loosing his or her life if not funny. i agree you are a ignorant bastard, who parents obviously didnt love enough and prob for good reason . get a life loser!

  • To rmcguire13 who wrote that poor selfish article ,you make me sick and i hope you die then wake up 6 foot under screaming for mummy and daddy .

  • Out of all the things he asked for…he asked for water. That was a clear sign of the Living God! Living Water! That’s a fountain that will never run dry. Jesus is Alive all over the world! To be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord. ( 2 Cor.5:8)

  • @Nina – I guess science isn’t for you. It’s unexplained so, it has to be a clear sign of the “Living God”. It makes much more sense to say that a divine being is shaping space and time and shows his presence by making a two-year-old, Brazillian boy sit up, speak, and then die again. You must be trippin’ hard if you think this is a “clear sign” of devine intervention. I hope you and your Bible have a wonderful time together solving the mysteries of the world. I don’t think God would appreciate you blaming him for this strange and somewhat morbid event. My sympathy goes out to the immediate family of the child. That has got to be painful for them and I bet they didn’t see a clear sign of the Living God having gone through this. You’re a wierdo.

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