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Count your blessings when you kiss the side of a truck that is going 50MPH and all you walk away with is a limp. Russia is a goddamn Youtube gold mine with all of their dash cams. Pretty much the only thing Florida is missing.



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Gothamist: F train riders in Queens narrowly escaped a horrible situation when a 10-inch wide drill bit nearly went through the train car yesterday. According to the Daily News, “A contractor operating a drill as part of the MTA’s East Side Access project mistakenly penetrated a Queens subway tunnel on Thursday, and the massive bit scraped the top and side of an occupied F train.” The train was headed to Jamaica, Queens at around 11:45 a.m. when the drill hit the train car as it left the 21st Street-Queensbridge station. The Post’s sources tell the tabloid that “the operator heard a thundering noise on the roof and stopped the subway with the emergency brakes — and then discovered the drill extending from the roof of the tunnel to the floor, which struck down just inches from the side of the train.” The drill was being used by contractor Griffin Dewatering New England, Inc. Another source told the Post, “Somebody made a mistake; maybe a surveyor or a field engineer. They drilled into the street but didn’t realize they were right over the F train tunnel. They weren’t supposed to be in that spot.” And the News’ MTA source said, “Some people don’t follow instructions; they drilled deeper than they were supposed to.” Passengers were taken off the train and put onto an emergency train. One passenger was sanguine: “I wasn’t worried, I just assumed it was normal MTA crap. Something’s always breaking, you’re underground so you’re pretty much secluded from knowing if there is any real danger.” Anything’s better than a used condom brushing against your hair, right?


This is some serious Final Destination kinda shit. Imagine the person who was sitting in the seat next to that drill? Unfortunately it seems death will be coming for them in the next few days.




How about this shit, huh? It’s like the circus is in town! Weaving in and out of traffic is one thing I could never understand about motorcyclists. They drive like they own the road when all it takes is a car to quickly change lanes and you’re sitting on the roof of it like a monkey at 6 Flags. Guy is lucky to say the least.




Something Tells Me This Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

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The crazy part is that the second guy was actually wearing a regular bathing suit when he started at the top. It turned into a thong by the time he got off the ride.






Pair of shorts? Check. Two t-shirts? Check. Sunglasses? Check. OK, ready to hit 40MPH on a longboard behind a pickup truck. The fact that I’m still feeling sore from throwing a football this past weekend and this asshole was able to walk off rolling down the street like a tumbleweed pisses me off to no end.




Well, That’s One Way To End A Goose Fight

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Yesterday we had a swarm of ducks take over the streets of some random country and today we have geese fighting in a parking lot brawl. I’m not sure what this blog is turning into anymore. That being said, the ending of this is why I posted it. Such a plot twist that I had to watch it a few more times.




Guy Attempts A Cliff Jump; Ends Badly

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Should’ve listened to the 20 girls at the bottom instead of trying to show off for them, bruh! Try to count how many people have their hands on their heads opposed to swimming out to help this kid.





1) Standing on tippy-toes on top of a ladder

2) Holding a chainsaw with one hand

3) Not strapped to tree

4) Not having someone pull branch away from tree with a rope

I’m no lumberjack but I’m guessing this is everyone’s first time doing this?







CNN: Nine performers were injured Sunday in Providence, Rhode Island, said Steve Payne, spokesman for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Eight performers fell when the hair-hang apparatus — which holds performers by their hair — failed, Payne said. Another performer was injured on the ground, he added. Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare said the performers fell from between 25 to 35 feet. Many of those injured suffered broken bones, and no spectators were hurt, Pare said. The performers were among 11 people hospitalized with injuries related to the accident, Rhode Island Hospital spokeswoman Jill Flaxington told CNN. One of those people was listed in critical condition, Flaxington said.


I mean this is partly why people go to these things, right? Kinda like NASCAR. Everyone won’t admit it but they secretly want to see something go wrong at some point. No one died which is always a plus.

Side note: Good to see CNN reporting on something other than the missing plane




I guess it could’ve been a lot worse. Instead of nailing that house it split the uprights and veered off to the side. I would actually chalk this up as a win.

Side note: How much do we wanna bet this is a viral video publicity stunt for FedEx??