I Always Wondered What It Looked Like To See A Crane Drop A Brand New Locomotive


This kind of makes up for that goddamn crane on 59th St in Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy. I waited a week for that fucker to drop and suspense just kept building and building and it never fell. I’m like a little kid when it comes to that shit and I was dying to see what kind of destruction it would cause and you know what I got? Nothing but blue balls. Sandy can come in and wipe out half the east coast but she can’t take down a pussy little crane. What a bitch.

Man Nearly Blows His Head Off With Shot Gun


Remember growing up when your parents would always tell you not to put your face over the fireworks you were about to light? Well this is kinda like that only with a high powered shot gun. People like this deserve to get Kurt Cobain’d because if you’re stupid enough to put your face over the barrel of a shot gun that you just pumped 2 rounds into, I can’t feel bad for you. If the hat you’re wearing on your head has a hole in it that looks like a gaping asshole, you know something went wrong. Now go buy a lottery ticket because today is your lucky day.

Woman’s Bungee Cord Snaps Over Crocodile Infested Water


Erin Laung Worth’s bungee cord snapped during her 350-foot jump over the Zambezi River in Africa. The Aussie tourist somehow survived the fall as well as the “croc-infested waters.”

Everyone always asks me ‘why don’t you live a little and do something like skydiving or bungee jumping.’ Well first off I’m horrified of heights but also sometimes when you skydive, the chute doesn’t open and sometimes when you bungee jump, the cord breaks after a 350 foot fall and you smack into crocodile infested water. Now luckily this chick survived somehow but you’ll never see me doing this. If I wanted to thrill seek I would go out to a bar in Harlem, get wasted, and try to find my way home walking. I like my odds better there.

Side Note: This video kind of reminded me of Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom

Man Walks Away From Crazy Motorcycle Accident

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…BAM! Motorcycle rider walks right back into frame after pulling off a 720 through the air with no helmet on. Not gonna lie I did not see that coming. Expected him to be dead in the road and then have a sightseeing bus loaded with camera-holding Asians run his lifeless body over just so no one could identify the poor bastard. Is this just a regular day for this Asian country? This guy miraculously survives a motorcycle accident and traffic continues to roll through as if it’s 5pm on Tuesday in NYC. Anyone wanna check this dude or at least get his autograph? I’ve said it before but I hope this guy runs to the nearest store and buys a lottery ticket.