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Gawker: Lindsay Lohan’s “career-jumpstarter” The Canyons is available on Video on Demand in certain markets starting today, but it’s so bad that you probably won’t watch it. So how about some stills from the movie showing Lohan doing her first ever on-screen nude scenes? Changed your mind yet? The indie operation behind the film certainly hopes that’s the case, because they went through the trouble of “leaking” select clips from the film that emphasize the fact that Lindsay gets nekkid. “Lindsay Lohan gets naked with a porn star. Like, ‘What?!’,” pornstar James Deen, this train wreck’s better half, told the LA Times. “All of a sudden, it’s everywhere. How can people not get that movie? Whether or not it’s well-received, it’ll be a cult classic.”


No idea what this movie is about and there’s a 99% chance I’ll never watch it but when naked photos of a trashy Lindsay Lohan come out I have to throw it up. I get an American Psycho/Clockwork Orange vibe from that short clip but who really cares about the plot of this movie anyway. Have at it.

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OK, keep comin’…keep comin’…keep comin’…little bit more…PERFECT! OK let’s go!


I’ll tell you why I knew this was bullshit right away.

A) I’m 99% sure nothing in this world can kill Lindsay Lohan. I’ve been waiting for it for years and just when we think we’re gonna get lucky, somehow she rebounds like Dennis Rodman. Cats have 9 lives? Well Ms Lohan has 9 million. If she was going to die it would’ve been years ago and now we are all going to have to live the torture of her bad movies, terrible singing, and constantly being in the press for irrelevant reasons.

B) Donald Trump pregnant? Come on TrustoCorp. You can do better than that. We all know Donald would abort that baby faster than a teenage girl at her prom. No way is he letting a child come in between him and his conquest to take over the world! The Donald is too selfish to take care of himself with a party of one in his belly. Shame on you, you should know better!

C) Sarah Palin sex tape. Nowwww you got my attention. Not only do I think this bitch is stupid enough to make one, but I would be first to buy multiple copies. As much as I hate her, I can’t deny she’s got the sexy librarian look really working. It wouldn’t be that green night vision shit either. She would probably make it in 3D and name drop a few times on accident to confirm it was definitely her. Palin 2012!