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Bored? Here’s What You Should Check Out Today

Posted: October 10, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Awesome, Dumb, Funny, Photos, Sexy, Sports
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Gawker: Family Flees 6,000 Deadly Spiders ‘Bleeding’ Through Walls

Brobible: Dad Has Meltdown When Son Deletes His Angry Birds App

TheChive: Aren’t We Clever [PHOTOS]

HuffPost: Doctors Remove Football Sized Tumor From Teens Mouth

Deadspin: Ex-NFL Exec Says Teams Covered Up Hundreds Of Domestic Abuse Cases

Gothamist: Dead Whale 58 Feet Long Had Bite Marks On It’s Side

DailyMail: Ebola Has Now Hit Paris And Brazil

Egotastic: Kate Upton Shows Black Bra In A See-Through Top In NYC

WorldWideInterweb: Ultimate Mascot Fail Compilation

Cracked: The 6 Most Impressive Things Ever To Get Out Of Work

Uproxx: This Guy’s Mugshot Proves He’s The Biggest Patriots Fan Ever

COED: Yes, This Happened [PHOTOS]

WorldStarHipHop: Teen Kills Mother Then Loses Virginity To Her Corpse

EliteDaily: It Was A Good Run; 60 Signs Your Party Girl Life Is Ending

Distractify: 30 Of The Most Terrifyingly Creepy Places Around The World

Viralnova: These Images Make Look Fake, But There’s No Editing Here [PHOTOS]






EliteDaily: Drunk Girl Knocks Herself Out On Closed Door

Gawker: Jimmy Fallon Takes Supermodel Miranda Kerr’s Flip Cup Virginity

Guyism: Here’s Kim Kardashian Sunbathing Topless And Showing Off Her Butt

BroBible: Dallas Stars’ Tyler Seguin Let A Dude Hit A Tee Shot Off His Crotch

TheChive: Here Are 64 Things To Never Say On Tinder

HuffPost: Man Catches Stingray That Immediately Gives Birth To Babies

DailyMail: Of The 298 People Dead From Yesterdays Plane Crash, 80 Were Children

WorldWideInterweb: 50 Funniest Russian Dating Website Photos

Uproxx: Tim McGraw Slapped A Woman In The Face At His Concert

Popoholic: Candice Swanepoel Did A Shoot For An Energy Drink And It’s HOT

COED: Yes, This Happened! [PHOTOS]

WorldStarHipHop: News Anchor Covering Plane Crash Is Trolled By Caller

NYTimes: Intercepted Audio Of Ukraine Separatists Acknowledging They Shot Plane Down

Distractify: 22 Photos Of People Who Missed Leg Day At The Gym

Viralnova: 25 Of The Most Jaw Dropping Restaurants You’ll Ever See




CLICK THE LINKS TO VIEW Man Wins Fight To Name His Sports Bar “Buck Foston”

Gawker: Carjacker Ends Up Clinging To SUV Down Highway

Guyism: Caddie Trips Over Rope And Bends Golfer’s Putter; He Still Makes Birdie

BroBible: This Picture Of Kanye Looking Sad Is About To Take The Internet By Storm

TheChive: Meet The Luckiest Unlucky Person In The World

HuffPost: Watch Baltimore Sinkhole Swallow 10 Cars

Deadspin: Donald Sterling Has Cancer

Egotastic!: Georgia Salpa’s FHM Photoshoot [NSFWish]

WorldWideInterweb: The 50 Most Bizarre Prom Photos Ever

COED: Yes, This Happened [PHOTOS]

WorldStarHipHop: OG Knocks Down Dude In Fight; Dude Somehow Gets Up Again

EliteDaily: Science Explains Why May Is The Horniest Month Of The Year For Everyone

HyperVocal: Meet The Worst Rapper Of All Time

Uproxx: The Most Ridiculous ‘Billy On The Street’ Yet

Distractify: 25 Organizing Tips To Make Your Home Feel Like A Mansion

Viralnova: 31 Hilarious Sarcastic Comebacks [PHOTOS]



Man looking fed up   Original Filename: 57158971.jpg


Gawker: The ‘Starbucks Drake Hands’ Guy Speaks Out And Gives Completely Different Story

Guyism: 8 Reasons To Skip That Trip To The Strip Club

Barstool: Woman Goes Mental On Plane

Buzzfeed: Why Does My Body Do That? (Part 2)

Youtube: Watch Episode 1 Of ‘Hello Ladies’

BroBible: Just A Bunch Of Pinup Girls Wearing Nothing But Milk

TheChive: I Want Thaaat! [PHOTOS]

HuffPost: The Most Effect Hangover Cure Is…

DeadSpin: Meet The Prankster Who Calls Head Coaches And Offers Them Fake Jobs

Gothamist: Internal Affairs Cop Involved In Motorcycle Gang Beating

DailyMail: Scientists Say There’s A Chance An Asteroid Hits Earth In 2880

COEDMagazine: Herm Edwards Just Starts Ball Tapping All ESPN Analysts

WorldWideInterweb: Dude, Your Billboard Makes No Sense [PHOTOS]

EliteDaily: Neighbor Leaves Note For Hearing Loud Sex

HyperVocal: Naked Woman Covered In Money In Bathtub Gets The Attention Of The Tax Man

Distractify: 24 Absurd News Headlines [PHOTOS]




Gawker: Comedian Tells Twitter Followers To Play STD Prank On Parents, Results

Guyism: Man Attempts To Leap Frog Over Motorcycle; Fails

Barstool: Absolutely Nothing Worth Your Time

BroBible: Danny McBride Tells the Story of His Absinthe-Fueled New Orleans Bender With Craig Robinson

TheChive: Boy, That Escalated Quickly [PHOTOS]

HuffPost: Bear Breaks Into Car Opening Door

DeadSpin: Little Kid Jumps In Front Of Hot Chick For Baseball

Egotastic!: Claudia Romani Is One To Check Out [PHOTOS]

ClipNation: Magic Trick Freaks Out Reporter

COEDMagazine: Jimmy Fallon Does Brian Williams Rap Cut Up

WorldStarHipHop: Aries Spears Nails Biggie, Snoop Dogg, And Method Man Impressions

WorldWideInterweb: Funniest Street Intersections Of All Time

EliteDaily: Pam Anderson Still Has It In Vogue Photo Shoot [NSFWish]

Mashable: Kid Gets Sick Of Xbox During House Arrest; Chooses Jail

HyperVocal: Reporter Gets Nose Bleed During Live TV

UpRoxx: John Stewart Handed Over The Daily Show To John Oliver Last Night



Guyism: Candice Swanepoel’s Victoria’s Secret Photo Shoot

Gawker: Mouse Released Into Wild; Lives About 10 Seconds

Barstool: Fat Kid Hits Backwards Buzzer Beater

BroBible: Absolutely Disgusting! Massive Worm Crawls Out Of Spider

TheChive: Some Of The Coolest Things I’ll Probably Never Have [PHOTOS]

HuffPost: Man Receives Hickeys As Part Of Performance Art

DeadSpin: Bob Knight Has No Idea What He Was Talking About Last Night

Gothamist: Irish Jig Dancer Joins Subway Breakdancers

Egotastic!: This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup [PHOTOS]

RSVLTS: 6 Epic Wheel Of Fortune Fails

COEDMagazine: Katherine Webb To Appear In Sports Illustrated [PHOTOS]

Mashable: 10 Epic Office Prank Caught On Youtube


Reddit: Abram Is So Pumped For Getting Soap This Christmas

Barstool: Man Gets Power Bombed On Subway Platform

Buzzfeed: Drunk Guy Had To Be Taped To Seat On Plane

Guyism: Hey Ladies, I Have No Idea How This Guy Is Single

BroBible: Great Parody Of Apple Maps Reconfiguration

TheChive: Don’t Think About The Price Tag, Just Enjoy The Splendors [PHOTOS]

HuffPost: Woman Finds Bike 50 Years Later Swallowed By Tree

DeadSpin: J.R. Smith’s Reverse Alley-Oop Dunk Last Night Was Amazing

Gothamist: Woman Sleeps On Train Tracks; Gets Run Over On NYE

Egotastic!: Candice Swanepoel Or Izabel Goulart. Who You Got? [PHOTOS]

Clip Nation: Ultimate Dodgeball Fails Compilation

EliteDaily: It’s Been A Terrible 24 Hours For Strippers

Mashable: The Exact Moment Obama Heard About Sandy Hook Shootings


Man sitting at desk looking bored

Gawker: Man Is Shot On Subway During Argument Over NBA

UpRoxx: Michelle Jenneke Meets Forever Alone

Barstool: Fat Kid Breaks Leg Jumping Into Shallow Water

TheChive: Boy, That Escalated Quickly [Photos]

BroBible: The Guy Who Can Do 41 Pushups In 30 Seconds With One Finger

HuffPost: So The Male Chastity Belt Is A Real Thing

Deadspin: Houston Rockets Sing Dreidel, Dreidel…Terrible

SitchNews: Mascots Go Blow For Blow During Basketball Game

Egotastic!: Claudia Romani In Bikini Stops Into Starbucks [NSFWish]

Slate: What Your Face Looks Like At 186 MPH

COEDMagazine: Yes, That Just Happened [Photos]

EliteDaily: 10 Beautiful Places That Will Disappear By 2050

BarstoolSports: Two Chicks Giving BJs On The 6 Train In NYC [Very, Very, NSFW]

Brobible: Watch Alex Morgan Do Yoga

Buzzfeed: Derek Jeter Is Fat Now?

Guyism: Guy Who Won Powerball Played Kansas City Royals Player’s Numbers

TheChive: Boy That Escalated Quickly [Photos]

HuffPost: Father Uses Sexy Pics Of Daughter To Sell Car, Or Does He?

Egotastic!: Barbara Palvin Is Smokin’ Hot [Photos]

HappyPlace: Could This Be The Saddest Thing On Twitter?

COEDMagazine: Take A Look At How Big The Amazon Warehouse Actually Is

EliteDaily: Russian Youth Hockey Can’t Stop Brawling

Gothamist: Here’s The Lady Lindsay Lohan Punched Over A Boy Band Singer

Deadspin: Dutch Soccer Player Released From Team For Being A ‘Woods Pooper’

SitchNews: Drive-In Sex Booths Opening In Europe


DailyMail: Buying A Turkey For Thanksgiving? Don’t Buy Butterball!

Guyism: Chick Catching Ice Cubes With Her Tits [SFW]

TheChive: Who’s Responsible For These Construction Flaws?

Deadspin: I’ll See Your Punt, And Raise You A Punt Plus A TD

TheFW: Dub A Black Man’s Voice Over A Little White Kid And You Have Youtube Gold

Huff Post: Man Behind Alabama Secession Petition, Mad About Losing Topless Car Wash

DailyMail: NEW Footage Of Water Flooding Subways During Hurricane Sandy

COEDMagazine: College Football Cheerleader Showdown

WorldWideInterweb: Valeria Lukyanova Is A Real Life Doll

BroBible: This White Guy Is Still Waiting For A Hand Shake From Bron Bron

Buzzfeed: Another Oil Rig On Fire In Gulf Of Mexico

Gawker: COPS May Be Going Off The Air After 25 Years