What’s Worse Than Being In The Marching Band?


Now how many of you thought the dude running up to the camera’s Friar Tuck haircut was the fail? I sure as hell did! And then I was pleasantly surprised when the other guy tripped, fell down crushing his drum set, and lay on the ground like a soccer player who took a dive. So this answers the question: What’s worse than being in the school marching band? Failing at being in the school marching band.

Kid Trips Across Finish Line, Proceeds To Worm


Props to this kid for having such a disastrous fall, only to go with the flow and start worming across the finish line. Kid should win for style points alone. “Oh my God, Christian is so funny!” If it he didn’t land right on his dick, I’d say he was gettin’ laid right after this event.


Side note: Was this the Special Games or does it just look like these kids are running in slow motion?