Girl Jumps Fence At Concert, Promptly Snags Shorts On Top And Gets Massive Wedgie


Most of us have been there before–trying to sneak over a barrier and past lazy security at a concert to get a better view. When doing this you really have to commit and not half-ass it like this girl and try to cautiously slide down the fence or this is what you get. A day of walking around with half ripped shorts while the other half is crammed up her asshole. But here’s my question, where was she going? It looked like she jumped into some 2X4 animal cage or something.

Side note: If there is such thing, that was one of the hottest wedgies I’ve ever seen.

Busta Rhymes Has To Shit…And He’s Gonna Let You Know It


Since when does Busta have traps on traps on traps? He’s been out of the game for a while but I think it’s clear what he’s been up to. Dude is bigger than his security guard. Incredible Hulkin’ on these female fans is not the best way to get back in the limelight but then again what else can you do when rap music is dead?