People Free Man Stuck Between Train And Platform By Pushing Train Back


You think this would happen in NYC? For sure not. Half the people would have cameras out waiting for something terrible to happen and the other half would be grunting and groaning while running to the bus or next subway platform. With everything that’s been going on in the world lately it’s good to see something refreshing like this.



This Shark Photo Is All The Rage On The Interweb Right Now


OddStuff: A picture of a fisherman inside a shark, stabbing it to fight his way out, has been declared photo of the year by an Australian radio station. The Gippsland, Victoria fisherman caught the shark, gutted it, and hopped inside. He forced his tattooed arm through the gills and pretended to stab it in the head. A mate took the picture to celebrate the catch and it was hung in the Metung Hotel, which the fisherman’s friend managed. Tourists at the hotel were told he was actually eaten and able to save himself, and staff members tell them he survived, and “is standing right behind you”. The fisherman would be there, tattoos showing. The picture was sent to Melbourne radio show 3AW, and its hosts said it was an amazing snap, and dubbed it “picture of the year”.

Kinda ironic with the previous post being Ghost Shark and then this shit pops up, huh? How dumb are people to think this is a real picture? Like come on, a guy is swallowed whole holding a knife and cuts his way out? It’s a shark, not an anaconda. That thing would chew the fuck outta that guy. And spare me the tears with the ‘this is disrespectful’ shit. They caught the shark for food and ate it which is completely fine in my book. What they do with the carcass is on them.

Girl On Girl Action On An Australian Train [NSFW]


Looks like it’s just one of those days where if you’re a female you absolutely hate CSC–or love it, I dunno. Nothing really discreet about this and performing oral on a chick in public is one of the hardest tasks to hide. Trust me I know. Nope, no I don’t. But I know this guy, and him and her got it on whoooooooeeeeeee! Nope. They were arrested for public intoxication and indecent exposure.

Father Sets Up Camera To Capture Paranormal Activity; Catches Teenage Son Banging His Girlfriend


DailyMail: A father who rigged up a video camera in his kitchen to capture ghosts he thought were haunting his house accidentally caught his girlfriend making love to his teenage son instead. Convinced his home had been overrun by supernatural spirits, the man, from Tasmania, Australia, set up the camcorder in his kitchen, pressed record and went to work. But when he returned to view the footage his paranoia turned to horror as he watched his partner of 11 years enter the room and begin canoodling with his 16-year-old son. The 28-year-old woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, pleaded guilty at Australia’s Supreme Court to five counts of sex with a minor, claiming she hadn’t realised 16 was below the age of consent. The court heard how the affair began when she went into her de facto stepson’s bedroom weeks earlier to discuss his driving lessons. But the conversation soon turned to tickling, then kissing, cuddling and sex, the court heard. She later took the boy upstate where they had sex several times in a hotel room. The boy’s father was so angry when he saw the pair petting in his haunted kitchen, he confronted his partner about what he had seen but she downplayed it as an innocent cuddle. But his son told a different story, admitting they had had sex on several occasions. The man called the police and his girlfriend was duly arrested. The court heard the woman was ashamed and embarrassed by her actions and had tried to repair the broken relationship. However, her lawyer Steve Chopping told the courtroom: ‘She accepts this is not a relationship which can or will continue.’ Justice David Porter remanded the woman in custody and will sentence her on Monday. The case continues.

How about that headline huh? And man-o-man what a shitty situation for this guy. Fuckin’ house is haunted by ghosts…his teenage son is banging his girlfriend. At least he found out where those ghostly moans were coming from so I guess he killed two birds with one stone. But how do you reprimand your son for bending your girlfriend over? That’s what I wanna know. Like you can’t go banging his girlfriend or he’ll be in the cell next to his ex so are we talking grounding til age 18? What’s the just penalty for sleeping with dad’s girlfriend?

Girl Jumps Fence At Concert, Promptly Snags Shorts On Top And Gets Massive Wedgie


Most of us have been there before–trying to sneak over a barrier and past lazy security at a concert to get a better view. When doing this you really have to commit and not half-ass it like this girl and try to cautiously slide down the fence or this is what you get. A day of walking around with half ripped shorts while the other half is crammed up her asshole. But here’s my question, where was she going? It looked like she jumped into some 2X4 animal cage or something.

Side note: If there is such thing, that was one of the hottest wedgies I’ve ever seen.

You Shouldn’t Get This Drunk In The Public Wearing This Kind Of Dress


We all know the back story here. Some rich dude brought this chick to the horse race as arm candy and by the end of the first race she could barely stand up she was so drunk. Right around when she starts swinging at random people is the point he hopes she wanders out onto the track during race 2 and ironically gets trampled by horse #9 Anotheronebitesthedust. Instead, she’s carried out by security with her cooch flapping in the wind and everything documented for the world to see.

Fire Tornadoes Might Be The Scariest, Coolest Natural Events Ever


Imagine one of these things coming at you? I’m from NYC so we don’t get many tornadoes, but when you throw fire into the mix, it’s scarier than finding out you and Rosie O’Donnell are the last two people on Earth and the human race depends on your procreation.