School Bus Driver Gets Prank Of The Year


Sarcasm. What a shitty April Fool’s prank. Seriously, when I saw the title “April Fool’s On A School Bus” I was hoping the bus driver was doing 60 and slammed the brakes pancaking the kids faces into the seats. Or hanging the bus over train tracks with a train coming until the kids shit themselves or something. But no school because of a water main break? On April 1st? What a shitty joke and what stupid kids for not picking up on it.

Funniest Prank Ever: Guy Pushes Friend Off Boat At Oncoming Shark


Hahaahahahahahahahaha! O-M-G! What a knee slapper! Get it?! You totally almost got eaten by that shark! I guess comedy is a little different in other countries because I’m pretty sure that’s 10-15 for attempted murder here in the states. Like telling dirty jokes and giving wedgies must be so lame for these guys. Throwing their friend at an incoming shark is the only way to get a laugh out of them. Tough crowd.