Meteorite Crashing Through Earth’s Atmosphere Looks Scary As Hell

FOXNews: The meteor explosion over Russia that injured more than 500 people and damaged hundreds of buildings was not caused by an asteroid zooming close by the Earth Friday afternoon, a NASA scientist says. NASA asteroid expert Don Yeomans, head of the agency’s Near-Earth Object Program Office, told that the object which exploded over a thinly inhabited stretch of eastern Europe today was most likely an exploding fireball known as a bolide. ‘It pancaked and exploded.’ said NASA asteroid expert Don Yeomans. More than 500 people were injured, mostly by glass cuts when windows shattered during the blast, according to the Russian Emergency Ministry. “If the reports of ground damage can be verified, it might suggest an object whose original size was several meters in extent before entering the atmosphere, fragmenting and exploding due to the unequal pressure on the leading side vs the trailing side (it pancaked and exploded),” Yeomans told in an email. “It is far too early to provide estimates of the energy released or provide a reliable estimate of the original size.” Yeoman stressed that the bolide event was likely not associated at all with the incoming asteroid 2012 DA14, which will fly within 17,200 miles of Earth when it passes safely by our planet today.


To be clear, the videos above are a different meteorite and not the one that will miss Earth this afternoon.

So as a lot of people know, an asteroid is supposed to “shave” the Earth’s atmosphere this afternoon and become the closest asteroid to pass Earth ever. Bill Nye the Science guy even said if it were to hit Earth that it would wipe an entire city, such as New York, right off the map. That being said, imagine being in Russia and on the same exact day you see this thing shooting across the sky and you think welp, this is it! Then BAM! The ground shakes, windows shatter, and you just look at the person next to you and say it’s been real.

This kind of shit absolutely scares the shit out of me. You can’t run anywhere, no time to cross anything off your bucket list, and the only positive about it is probably how quick you’ll die. Seeing this video just proves that the movie depictions aren’t that far off and to think that this is just a meteorite! An asteroid makes this thing look like a pebble. So if anyone else is interested in watching this thing blaze past us, check out this website at noon.

Soccer Player Almost Loses Hand Throwing Grenade Off Field


Come on Iran. You call THAT a grenade? I’ve set off fireworks bigger than that thing. Aren’t grenades suppose to blow people up in like a 20 foot circumference of it? No one barely flinched! I will say, however, soccer would be so much more interesting if IEDs and grenades were used during the game…they might be onto something here.