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Bored? Here’s What You Should Check Out Today

Posted: August 29, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Awesome, Dumb, Funny, Photos, Sports
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Man yawning in the office


APlus: Artist Creates The Most Frustrating Versions Of Everyday Products

Gawker: ‘Fuck Her Right In The Pussy’ Kid Gets Suspended; Becomes School Hero

HuffPost: Women In All-Female Town In Brazil Are Looking For Single Men To Hook Up With

Guyism: This Guy Teaches Us Firsthand Why Scooters Are Terrible

BroBible: Little Monkey Boning A Duck Is A Grade-A Freak

TheChive: 30 Awkward Yearbook Photos From Famous Musicians

Deadspin: NJ Teen Falls 30 Feet Using Shirt On Zipline; Breaks Leg

WorldWideInterweb: 20 Funniest Moments In Sorority History

Uproxx: The Ultimate Nutshot Compilation Is Here

COED: Yes, This Happened [PHOTOS]

WorldStarHipHop: WTF? Batman Riding His Batpod Down The Highway In Japan

EliteDaily: Guy High On Coke Dies From Running Into Glass Door

Distractify: 20 Spectacular And Rare Weather Phenomena That You Won’t Believe Happen On Our Planet [PHOTOS]

Viralnova: 7 Simple Hacks To Pump Up Your Party!




It must be instant death stepping outside that door, right? Like that extreme coldness that swept over NYC in Day After Tomorrow. I think she said it best when she said it’s like opening a door to another world. Antarctica…no thanks!


Wait for it….wait for it….

Talk About Awkward: Your News Blooper Of The Day

Posted: August 23, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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Yea, canoodling means chat just like fellatio is a type of cloud pattern. Sweet cover, bro.