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Nothing like a huge hailstorm to light your beach up like Normandy in 1944. A beach on the river just past the bridge is so Russia it hurts.

Side note: What in the hell was this lady doing that took her so long to get in? When there are 75MPH golf ball-sized hail stones flying at your head you might wanna MOVE IT!





This is unreal. Heart goes out to those affected!




So up until a couple weeks ago I lived my 28+ years of life not knowing what the fuck a derecho was. I had to look it up only to read that it’s an intense storm with high winds and rain. Ho hum, big deal. Never actually saw one until this footage. Ummm this looks more like these people were hanging out in the middle of a tornado that was squatting over them. Seriously, that’s what it looks like when you’re in a plane flying through a storm at a couple hundred miles per hour. I guess these things don’t come around often but the next time one does, I’ll be hanging out in the basement.

‘Kapooya’ Lady Will Go Viral By The End Of The Day

Posted: March 21, 2013 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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Why are ghetto black people the best storytellers of all time? Is it the enthusiasm? Is it the dramatic reenactments? Is it the extra words they throw in that I have no idea the meaning of? Whatever it is, they should always be the first person a reporter goes to when there’s a story to cover. It could be something as boring as insider trading on Wall St. and I’m 100% sure they could turn it into the greatest story ever.


The thrusting, the “growing storm”, the “precipitation”, it’s all too much for him to be that oblivious.


Wait for it….wait for it….


This was pretty cool even though it looks like the cameraman shot it from the neighboring state. Is it too much to ask for a zoom?