Throw It On The Christmas List; Things I Absolutely Don’t Need But Want

5. This robotic arcade game thingy. Who wouldn’t want this?


4. Never skied a day in my life. These make me want to start…


3. A waterproof pool table? That you can actually use in a pool? Yes please!


2. Indoor Virtual Golf. I mean why the fuck not? Play a round and not even have to leave my home? Of course I want this!


1. Candice Swanepoel. I really don’t think this is asking for a lot so someone please make it happen.


Is This Not The Sickest Boat Trailer You’ve Ever Seen?


OK, put Michael J. Fox filming aside for a second, is this not one of the most ridiculous trailers you’ve ever seen? Fuck the Hess Truck, get me this thing for Christmas! When I saw the beginning of this video I was like why is this dude backing his half truck, half boat into the water. Then I watched the truck give birth to that boat and my jaw dropped. Thing I don’t get is how you go through all the trouble of having such a sick trailer and then have such a shitty boat. Throw a cigarette boat on the back of that bitch and we’re in business!