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There’s been a lot of shit going on in the subway this past week but none that really top what happened on the Q train yesterday. Some ratchet chick decided to turn a pretty empty car into a fuckin’ slip-n-slide. Yes, she was sliding around the floor of the subway car on her stomach like a massive walrus. I believe one commenter put it the best way possible: I think she just caught the herpagonasyphilaids. Ha! She would be lucky if that’s all she got.





By the way, pretty sure this kid is dead…


Seriously makes me wish summer was still here!


OK mental note: definitely going to Coachella next year. I just watch over and over and over and over. Good thing that kiddie pool filled with an inch of water was there to break her fall.

UPDATE: After very, very close analysis, Millertime pointed out to me that this chick lost the bottom to her bathing suit mid flight. Good catch brotha!