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Is this as big of a problem everywhere else than it is in NYC? Every other week I feel like someone is flinging themselves on the subway tracks here. Out of all the ways you could kill yourself why would you jump in front of a train pulling into a station? The trains aren’t moving at top speed and there’s a chance it won’t even kill you. I would be so pissed if I was trying to kill myself and just got my legs steamrolled. If things were bad enough before, NOW you have even more reason to kill yourself. Here are my top 5 worst ways of offing yourself:

5) Jumping off a building – I’m terrified of heights as it is and the fact that I could accidentally land on someone on the ground is pretty unfair of me.

4) Cutting down the river – I have no problem with the sight of blood but slitting my wrists kinda seems painful and the fact that I have to sit there and watch myself bleed out sounds boring.

3) Jumping in front of a train – See above.

2) Setting yourself on fire – Why would anyone want to torture themselves like this? You literally live most of the time you’re burning and going through the worst pain ever.

1) Diving in a wood chipper – I know this sounds crazy but I heard a story a little while back of a guy who took his wallet out of his pocket and nose dived into one of these bad boys. I only hope it was a quick death for his sake.


Wait For It….

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This is short and sweet but the father laughing when his son eats shit is the best part to me!


I know a couple of those clips are fake but I always love these things. Enjoy!


I was wondering where this guy was gonna eat it and then I saw that huge jump coming. Yep, that looks about right!


Someone PLEASE open one of these places in the NY/NJ area ASAP! I’ll sign whatever waiver you want…fuck it, I’ll sign my life away. Just put me in one of these elastic octagons right now! Trampoline basketball came around a little while ago and that was cool but not violent enough. Besides, half the NBA looks like they are playing on trampolines anyway. I can only imagine the injuries and paralysis that come with this sport. Only way I think we can up the ante is trampoline football. Make it happen Vince McMahon!


Seriously makes me wish summer was still here!


It’s OK everyone, his eyes moved! Too bad nothing else is though…

A Trampoline Fail Compilation To Speed Up Your Tuesday

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So by now hopefully most of our readers understand where the idea of this website came from. Friday we had rats running up women’s pants and now we got Kid Cudi and his white friend jumping from platform to platform. The shit that goes on down there rarely makes sense but as long as it’s documented, who cares?

Sidenote: Never seen the subway this empty since Cloverfield. The fuck is going on?