AskMen’s List Of Most Desirable Women Of 2013 Is Some Real Bullshit

So here’s what AskMen claims to be their top 20 most desirable women of 2013. 20) Claire Danes 19) Naomie Harris 18) Olivia Munn 17) Zooey Deschanel 16) Cheryl Cole 15) Emilia Clarke 14) Christina Hendricks 13) Blake Lively 12) Sofia Vergara 11) Candice Swanepoel 10) Michelle Jenneke 9) Jessica Pare 8) Jessica Gomes 7) Kristen Stewart 6) Miranda Kerr 5) Emma Stone 4) Rihanna 3) Kate Upton 2) Mila Kunis 1) Jennifer Lawrence.

Now I’m not sure what exactly ‘desirable’ means in this case but if I’m making a top 20 list, it would look a lot different. A few I can agree with but for the most part here’s what I’m going with and I doubt I’m alone:

Throw It On The Christmas List; Things I Absolutely Don’t Need But Want

5. This robotic arcade game thingy. Who wouldn’t want this?


4. Never skied a day in my life. These make me want to start…


3. A waterproof pool table? That you can actually use in a pool? Yes please!


2. Indoor Virtual Golf. I mean why the fuck not? Play a round and not even have to leave my home? Of course I want this!


1. Candice Swanepoel. I really don’t think this is asking for a lot so someone please make it happen.