Famous Celebrities And Their Porn Star Doppelgangers

First and foremost let’s thank the people at The Chive for this amazing list. Well done! Second, let’s talk about how the Emma Stone one is a stretch and I don’t know if this is possible, but Joanna Angel looks more like Sarah Silverman than Sarah Silverman looks like Sarah Silverman. The Kim Kardashian one is just funny! Enjoy…


Olivia Sprauer, AKA Victoria James, Is The Teacher Who Got Fired For Being Too Hot [NSFWish PHOTOS]

HuffPost: Two weeks ago, Olivia Sprauer was a freshman English teacher at Florida’s Martin County High School. Now she’s being courted by lingerie companies, trade shows and Hustler magazine. It all started when Sprauer, who models under the name Victoria James, was forced to resign after the principal obtained one of the 26-year-old’s bikini photos. Sprauer told The Huffington Post on Monday that parents and students upset over her resignation sent in anonymous complaints to local media. The story went viral after it was picked up by HuffPost and other outlets. Now, Sprauer is busy trying to cash in on her newfound notoriety. “It blows my mind,” Sprauer told HuffPost. “No way did I think the story would be as big as it was. Someone sent me a story about me in Greek. It’s bizarre.” Sprauer has also gotten words of encouragement from some of her former students via her social media accounts. “They are happy and excited for me,” Sprauer said. The Florida resident said she’s upped her hourly rate for modeling gigs and has been hit with a slew of job opportunities, including the aforementioned Hustler magazine offer, which she said she plans to respectfully decline. “I don’t do spread-eagle shots for the camera, so I don’t think Hustler is going to work out,” she said. But Sprauer also said she has started doing more nude work since she left her teaching job and she’d like to do a shoot with Playboy. She’s also set to launch a new website, MissVictoriaJames.com, in the next week. The extra attention hasn’t been all good for the English major turned viral star. “Unfortunately, I have been contacted by some shady people I’ve worked with who are trying to make a name for themselves by attempting to malign my reputation,” Sprauer said, declining to be more specific. But, “for the most part,” Sprauer said, her time in the spotlight has been a positive experience. “It’s not like I’m not enjoying it,” she said. “I’m just trying to handle it all.”


Holy smokes! I would certainly fail English in that class if this was my teacher cause no way in hell I would be able to pay attention. You know this is the way ‘Merica works. Olivia will now bask in her 15 minutes, maybe get a reality show, make a sex tape, and live off her millions for getting fired. Sonofabitch.