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Another day, another shot of Sponge Bob in a bikini. I swear to God the only reason I throw this shit up is because I know there’s a good number of you who love her. As I’ve always said, I’m not saying she’s not hot–I’m saying THIS

Upton CSC

is not Sports Illustrated cover material. However, this part is still always fun to watch…




While I wish Sports Illustrated photoshopped an ass on this chick, I must say…not too shabby. Somewhere in America Brent Musburger is popping a pill and running to a locked room with a computer.

Oh yea and also this chick made the cover…


kate-upton-2013-sports-illustrated CSC



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Kate Upton you curvy bitch you! Have a safe weekend everyone!

[Courtesy of COED]


Get used to it Kate, you’re in the spotlight now. You’re gonna get grilled like this all the time about every move you make. But nice recovery with the whole sister thing. If you want it to go away, just tell everyone you got rung out like a dish towel by Mark Sanchez and all will be forgotten.

But honestly, how is this chick only 19? Someone please test her for PEDs.