Soccer Player Almost Loses Hand Throwing Grenade Off Field


Come on Iran. You call THAT a grenade? I’ve set off fireworks bigger than that thing. Aren’t grenades suppose to blow people up in like a 20 foot circumference of it? No one barely flinched! I will say, however, soccer would be so much more interesting if IEDs and grenades were used during the game…they might be onto something here.

Iranian Soccer Player Probably Sentenced To Death For Goal Celebration


The Iran Football Federation banned two of its players and fined them $40,000 each for “committing immoral acts” during a goal celebration.


It wouldn’t surprise me if this guy is being water-boarded with his nuts hooked up to a car battery right now. The only thing those Middle Eastern countries hate more than gay shenanigans are Americans so you can understand the mistake this guy made when he was caught three knuckles deep in his teammates ass during a televised soccer game. Here’s what I don’t understand though, the guy who gets finger blasted also gets banned and fined? I guess he’ll think twice next time before jumping on his teammates back and opening his legs like Paris Hilton.