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Funniest Prank Ever: Guy Pushes Friend Off Boat At Oncoming Shark

Posted: December 13, 2012 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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Hahaahahahahahahahaha! O-M-G! What a knee slapper! Get it?! You totally almost got eaten by that shark! I guess comedy is a little different in other countries because I’m pretty sure that’s 10-15 for attempted murder here in the states. Like telling dirty jokes and giving wedgies must be so lame for these guys. Throwing their friend at an incoming shark is the only way to get a laugh out of them. Tough crowd.


People who deserve stuff like this: this guy, hipsters, any kids who stick alcohol covered tampons in their ass, and the Kardashian family. What do you even get out of this prank? You layed down in front of a soccer mom van which was probably carrying a mother who had 3 screaming and fighting kids in it. Of course she’s not going to notice the asshole who just layed down in the intersection. The only shitty part is that your head wasn’t lined up with that front left tire.


You wanna see a cool prank mom and dad? It’s called I dare you to go to sleep tonight cause I know where you hide your gun. Kudos to the kid for making his parents look like complete assholes and not crying like a little bitch. Can I have this carrot for dinner because I’m assuming you can’t afford food since you gave me a carrot wrapped in an iPad box.


Listen, I’m not there…yet. But does this song sum up my life? Uh, yea. Fuckin friends all getting married and/or having kids. Shit sucks. I however, am going to take the optimistic route and say that I’m the lucky one in this situation. No kids, no relationship drama, just kickin back living the dream. Right?