This Shark Photo Is All The Rage On The Interweb Right Now


OddStuff: A picture of a fisherman inside a shark, stabbing it to fight his way out, has been declared photo of the year by an Australian radio station. The Gippsland, Victoria fisherman caught the shark, gutted it, and hopped inside. He forced his tattooed arm through the gills and pretended to stab it in the head. A mate took the picture to celebrate the catch and it was hung in the Metung Hotel, which the fisherman’s friend managed. Tourists at the hotel were told he was actually eaten and able to save himself, and staff members tell them he survived, and “is standing right behind you”. The fisherman would be there, tattoos showing. The picture was sent to Melbourne radio show 3AW, and its hosts said it was an amazing snap, and dubbed it “picture of the year”.

Kinda ironic with the previous post being Ghost Shark and then this shit pops up, huh? How dumb are people to think this is a real picture? Like come on, a guy is swallowed whole holding a knife and cuts his way out? It’s a shark, not an anaconda. That thing would chew the fuck outta that guy. And spare me the tears with the ‘this is disrespectful’ shit. They caught the shark for food and ate it which is completely fine in my book. What they do with the carcass is on them.

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