Two Women Narrowly Escape Death By Lying Down Under Passing Train

FOX59: Two women narrowly escaped death after facing down a train earlier this month. On July 10, the women were walking on the railroad tracks on the Shuffle Creek Trestle, a bridge over Lake Lemon about ten miles northeast of Bloomington, when they noticed a train was coming toward them. The engineer of the lead locomotive spotted them as the train came around a curve at 30 mph. The bridge is about 500 feet long and 80 feet high, and the women had nowhere to go. Video from the locomotive shows them trying to run away when they see the train. It’s clear that they won’t be able to make it to safety, and they can’t jump off the side because it’s too high. Meantime, the train horn goes off repeatedly. One woman lies down on the tracks; the other soon follows suit. By the time the train is able to stop, the cars have already passed the point where the women had taken refuge. The engineer assumed the two women had died and contacted the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department to report what happened. The women escaped serious injury. They ran to a nearby car and drove away after their brush with death. They have been identified by law enforcement, and the case is now a criminal matter.


I’d say lying down under a speeding train and coming out with a stubbed toe is definitely something you chalk up in the win column–especially when you have literally seconds to make a decision. How can you not think of Stand By Me when you see a close call like this? As always, I hope they bought a lottery ticket right after this and think twice next time about crossing a train bridge.




Guy Lives When NYC Subway Train Rolls Over Him


DailyMail: A Bronx man is lucky to be alive after being run over Saturday morning by a subway train. Ralph Mercado, 55, fell onto the northbound tracks just after 11.30am Saturday at Union Square just before an R train pulled into the station. He survived with barely a scratch even though the train rolled directly over him. Mr Mercado was able to roll into the trench between the tracks, which gave him just enough space to evade being crushed by the train. Mr Mercado was soon pulled to safety with only a bruised hand, according to NBC New York. He told officers he jumped down to help a woman who fell, according to the Post, but witnesses told the paper there was no one else on the tracks. The lucky-to-be-alive man was taken to Bellevue Hospital for a psychological evaluation. A total of 145 people have been struck by trains this year in New York. Of those, 52 have died.


Looney Tune alert. Hey pal, remember that non existent woman you jumped onto the tracks to save? Almost cost you your life. Now as always go buy a Mega Millions ticket cause you’re lucky to be alive.



Leave It Up To The NY Post To Release This Cover On Their Paper This Morning


Gawker: A freelance photographer working for the New York Post on an unrelated assignment happened to be standing on the 49th Street station platform when 58-year-old Queens resident Ki Suk Han was suddenly pushed onto the tracks by an as-yet-unidentified assailant. The photographer, R. Umar Abbasi, snapped at least two photos of Han before he was run over by the downtown Q train. The married father-of-one sustained critical injuries and was later pronounced dead at Roosevelt Hospital. One of the haunting photos Abbasi took graces the front page of the Post this morning, incurring the ire of readers who want to know why no help was extended to the injured Han in lieu of capturing the moment for posterity. Abbasi claims that he was using his camera’s flash to warn the train’s conductor, possibly suggesting that the photos were incidental. The Post further defends Abbasi, saying he wasn’t strong enough to lift Han off the tracks.

Here is the fight moments before the accident:

Picture 6


Nothing like waking up and grabbing a paper to see Glenn from The Walking Dead about to get lit up by an incoming Q train. I have a feeling that Umar Abbasi was trying to alert the conductor as much as the 9/11 terrorists were trying to safely land those planes, but that’s just me. Gotta love New Yorkers though, right? Guy falls onto the tracks and everyone pulls out their iPhones to snap pictures like Asians in Times Square. Ki Suk Han may not have been saved but at least there will be enough pictures to create a flip book of the entire incident. And I don’t know what the pre-push argument was over, but no one deserves to be pushed onto the subway tracks…with a train coming…at 25 MPH…weighing a cajillion tons.



So Playing Chicken With Subway Trains Is The New Teen Craze In NYC?


I just don’t get kids these days. I’ve recently heard stories from kids sticking vodka covered tampons up their asses to actually drinking hand sanitizer straight from the bottle. Now this shit? Since when was the bar set so high? When I was a kid we did bong hits called “Waterfalls” that basically rendered you paralyzed for about an hour, you got hungry and munched out, called it a night and passed out. That was a “wild” night for me. Call me old fashioned but fuck sticking things up my ass, drinking chemicals, or playing Red Rover with subway trains.

Who is this Guy?!


So there’s a new documentary on HBO called SUPERHEROES about morons who literally dress up and “protect” the streets of the cities they live in. Just like Jersey Shore, I couldn’t stop watching it even though it was the most ridiculous shit to ever take place in America (I say that loosely). Literally, gay crime fighters walking the streets like hookers on a Saturday night trying to bait people into rape, skateboarding at 4 am in Brooklyn, etc. etc. All the while local police laughing at them in their face. I must say though, my favorite by far was Master Legend:


ML drinks on the job, hits on chicks at bars, and carries an ice cube launcher. Not only does he NEED his own show, but I want to know how he has time to save the world in between crushing all the local pussy in downtown Orlando, FL. I don’t mean to get so side tracked but there’s a point to this. Master Legend must have been on vacation in Spain and saved this dude’s life on the tracks cause look at how calm and cool that guy is. Drunk dude knocked out on tracks? I got this. Train coming? Don’t rush me. Get the guy to safety? Done and done. I know I always say this but it seriously looks like a clip from a Hollywood movie. And if you ever come across Master Legend, he probably just saved your life and you didn’t even know it.

Lesbo Treats Train Tracks Like Living Room

There’s gotta be nothing scarier than seeing a person voluntarily chillin’ on the subway tracks like they are on their couch at  1PM on NFL Sunday. Apparently these two lesbians got into a fight on the platform and the one decided to make a point by killing herself. I understand people act in the “heat of the moment” but hun, you just got gay marriage legalized and this is your next move?! Who knows, maybe that’s what this whole argument is over. Da Brat sitting on the tracks, realized her girlfriend wanted long term commitment and this was the only other option. And how about the chick in orange’s method of snapping sense into her by dumping a Big Gulp of beer all over her? Lady, that third rail behind your girlfriend’s head has enough electricity running through it to turn her into a crispy piece of bacon. Liquid is doing more harm than good at this point. Just too many weird factors going on here which makes me very suspicious.

Finally, you can clearly see the train in the background stopped and waiting for this bitch to get out the way. If I were watching all of this from the front car window, I would be so fuckin mad at this ending. If you’re going to delay me from getting somewhere then at least give me a good excuse to be late. I understand the train stopped but hey, if you wanna off yourself, turn around and grab hold of that third rail and let’s see some fireworks.

“Sorry I’m late boss, a woman jumped on the tracks and wanted to kill herself but she decided not to and just climbed back onto the platform and carried on her day.”

“Well that’s unfortunate for you. You’re getting docked pay and now I need you to come in on Saturday.”