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Some end of the world looking shit right here.



Easy Title: Subway Nose Picker

Posted: January 10, 2014 by subwaycreatures in Funny
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Nothing like a 3 minute video of a girl picking her nose and eating it to start your Friday. Never forget people, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!


So I guess the Boston Red Sox won last night (cause I didn’t know from all the obnoxious Twitter and Facebook posts) and just like amateurs they trashed their own city. Look, I get if maybe you’re up 3 games to 0 and end up losing the series, then you have a reason to riot. But not even the Yankee fans did that back in 2004. You would think this is the first time the Red Sox have won since 1918 (and don’t give me that shit that they haven’t clinched in Boston since then because that’s also not an excuse). Yes, maybe I’m still a bitter baseball fan right now because my team lost in the Wild Card game but the point here is that Boston fans are the worst right under Miami Heat “fans”. Can’t wait to hear about this win for the next month like it happened the day before. Fuck Boston!


Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 12.07.48 PM


This is why I always cab it when I’m drunk. I just wanna get home to my bed and not have to worry about pissing in the subway or falling onto the tracks. Dude is lucky a train wasn’t coming and that people were around to throw his ass back onto the platform.

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 1.30.08 PM

And how about this guy jumping over the third rail 4 times?! I think he’s more lucky to be alive than the guy who fell.


CBSSports: One day after being arraigned on six charges — including first-degree murder — in connection with the death of Odin Lloyd, former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is now being investigated as a possible suspect in a July 2012 double murder that happened in Boston, according to WFXT-TV, a Fox affiliate in Boston. On July 16, 2012, Boston police responded to a call just after 2 a.m. ET, according to the report. When authorities arrived on the scene, they found three people in a car at a traffic light who had all been shot. Two of the men in the vehicle had been fatally shot. The two men who were fatally wounded were sitting in the front seat of the car. The passenger in the back of the vehicle survived. Witnesses in the area placed a grey or silver SUV with Rhode Island license plates at the scene of the crime. According to Fox 25, authorities are looking into Hernandez’s connection to the killings.


When it rains, it pours. If Hernandez was as diligent at cleaning up from this murder as he was on the second one, he should be fine.

Side note: Who smiles while throwing up gang signs?



Such a typical Boston move right here. Counting their chickens before they hatch. To be honest I don’t even care who wins this series because I hate both teams almost equally (bitter Devils fan over here). I was hoping they would just kill each other in 7 games and one team would limp into the Stanley Cup Finals–but seriously Pittsburgh?! You can’t at least make it competitive? If your captain did a little less bitching and flopping and more scoring maybe it would make for some interesting hockey but watching the Bruins put you on lock down is like watching CSPAN. Hey Boston, you’re not innocent either. That Toucan Sam motherfucker on your team is just as bad with the diving than Crosby. This ain’t soccer so clean it up!



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Would You Rather…

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Would You Rather…

Be a white person walking around Detroit wearing a KKK outfit



Be a black person walking around Southie Boston wearing a sign that reads ‘Fuck the Irish!’?





bobby csc

CBSSports: BOSTON (CBS) — Two years ago, Bobby Valentine was on ESPN. Last year, he managed the Boston Red Sox. This upcoming year, he may be … the athletic director of a small New England college? That could be the case, as according to the Connecticut Post, Valentine is a candidate to fill the vacant role of athletic director at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn. “Valentine, a Stamford native, visited the campus in Fairfield about two weeks ago, according to the source,” the report said. It would certainly represent a rather bizarre change of career for Valentine, but then again, nothing about Bobby V could every be truly surprising. The self-proclaimed inventor of the wrap, Valentine was fired by the Red Sox after one season in which the Red Sox compiled a 69-93 record, their worst record since 1965. The mercurial manager experienced (and caused) a decade’s worth of off-the-field drama in just one season in Boston, so the allure of a quiet New England college athletic program does make sense.


Jesus Christ how the mighty have fallen. You go from ESPN to head coach of the Red Sox to possible athletic director of a tiny school in the middle of nowhere. Right about now that’s equivalent to me writing for CSC to getting hired at Sports Illustrated to teaching middle school English. I mean yea, it makes sense since the guy set a baseball organization back 10 years but in all honesty I’m scratching my head about Sacred Heart’s thinking here. Have you not seen that this guy is a walking cancer to anything he touches? I don’t know much about Sacred Heart’s athletic program but I know it ain’t winning anything with this guy at the helms. Bobby V can’t even coach baseball, the sport he’s suppose to excel at, and you want him to oversee ALL sports at your institution? I hope this is a huge PR stunt and it goes away quick!

Side note: Tell me you can’t picture Bobby Valentine trying to disguise himself with that fake mustache and glasses on at a college party??




Yes, she was holding a kid and yes they were OK. To be honest I have no idea what the outcome of this was but I hope they were OK. Next time try not to board the train that’s at the station across the tracks, hun.