This Drunk Guy Falling On The Tracks Is Lucky To Be Alive


This is why I always cab it when I’m drunk. I just wanna get home to my bed and not have to worry about pissing in the subway or falling onto the tracks. Dude is lucky a train wasn’t coming and that people were around to throw his ass back onto the platform.

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 1.30.08 PM

And how about this guy jumping over the third rail 4 times?! I think he’s more lucky to be alive than the guy who fell.

Crazy Chick Punches Drunk Guy On Boston Subway


These are the kind of people I avoid at all costs on the subway. Did you not hear that crazy’s laugh? I just keep my earphones in and my extremities away from their pets. Cause if you don’t, it’s t-minus 5 seconds until you get a beat down in front of the whole train. I’m a little curious how the camera guy didn’t see this coming though. You have a psychotic bitch telling everyone that she’s going to punch this guy and to even take videos of it. Not really sure where the shock came into play. And next time how bout you tell everyone you’re sending your video right to CitySubwayCreatures instead!

Side note: How scary of a feeling must that be if you’re that guy and you actually hear this bitch start counting down?

Bloomberg Bets The House With Boston Mayor On Super Bowl Outcome

NYPost: With the Super Bowl less than a week away, Mayor Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino announced a friendly wager today on who would win the big game between Big Blue and the New England Patriots.

If the Giants win, a New York family will win a Super Tour of Boston. They will receive:

— Four tickets on JetBlue — A two-night stay at the Ritz Carlton — Dinner for four at Legal Seafoods Harborside — Dinner for four at the Top of the Hub restaurant — Four tickets to a performance at the Citi Performing Arts Center — Four box seats at a Bruins or Celtics game at the TD Garden  — A behind-the-scenes-tour of the newly expanded Isabella Stewart Gardner museum — A Duck Tour ride — A VIP tour of the personal diaries of John Adams, which inspired the HBO series, at the Boston Public Library. — A VIP tour of the Samuel Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plain — A photo with Menino

If the Patriots win, one Boston family will win a Super Tour of New York City. They will receive:

— Four tickets on the Delta Shuttle — A two-night stay at the Grand Hyatt — Dinner for four at the newly reopened Russian Tea Room — Lunch or dinner for four at B. Smith’s restaurant — Four club seats at a Rangers or Knicks game — Four tickets to the Phantom of the Opera — A ride with the captain on Statue Cruises to Liberty and Ellis Islands with a VIP tour of the Statue of Liberty crown and museum, including lunch — A VIP tour of the new American wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art — A VIP tour of the Brooklyn Brewery — A photo with Bloomberg

The winners will be chosen through an online lottery system. More information about how to enter will be available from the losing city after the Super Bowl. “New York sports teams have a history of cleaning up when they go to Boston – and now our fans will have a chance to do the same,” said Bloomberg, who will attend the game in Indianapolis. “Any New Yorker not too tired from salsa dancing Sunday night will be able to enter an online lottery for the chance to win.”

“I have a lot of faith in the Patriots. They carried us this far, and I hope they’ll carry the Vince Lombardi Trophy right back to Boston,” added Menino. “But either on the field or off, the City of Boston wins by being able to showcase some of the best our great city has to offer.”


Listen to our goddamn mayor! Just beating his dick and letting it spray all over Boston. ‘Any New Yorker not too tired from salsa dancing Sunday night will be able to enter an online lottery for the chance to win.’ Just as confident as the Giants are right now and I love it! We already have Giants flags flying on the trolleys in San Fran and now we’re gonna have Giants fans roaming the streets of downtown Boston in Manning jerseys acting like they give a fuck they are there. Bring on the Pats!