Super Bowl Weekend Is Here And I’m So Excited I’m About To Shit My Pants


It’s been 2 long weeks, tons of Patriot shit talking, and 50 Giant song remixes later but Super Bowl weekend has finally reared it’s fuckin head. Never in my life have I wished a Friday to be a Sunday more than right now. I’m so pumped for this game that I actually feel bad for the people I’ll be around this weekend because it’s probably the only thing I’ll be talking about. Giants go in as a 3 point underdog which is exactly where they want to be. Yea, they might have cooled off a little bit after being on fire for the last 4 weeks but even after a cool down they are better than the Pats.  Everyone outside New England including every animal that would be on Noah’s Ark that are predicting a Giants win this Sunday. Yea I sound cocky but haven’t the Giants given every NY fan a right to be? Hardest schedule in the NFL and they are playing in the Super Bowl? If you need me, I’ll be setting up camp in the Canyon of Heroes for a great spot to watch Eli carry the Lombardi Trophy down to Gracie Manor. I said it last time and I’ll say it again…all in? I’m fuckin’ balls deep!

By the way, this never gets old…


Let’s Watch Rob Gronkowski’s Teammates Try To Impersonate Him


Wow, how hard is it to impersonate Rob Gronkowski and everyone seems to have a tough time doing it. Just act like every other meathead retard who doesn’t have a brain and you’ve nailed it. Even talking like Keanu Reeves in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure wouldn’t be far off.

What personality this team has! They’ve clearly been hanging out with Coach Belichick too long. The one guy drops a football and says that’s my impression of Gronk scoring a TD. Yea, thanks for coming pal.

Side note: Pretty sure this guy said “yo soy fiesta! Steroids!” Interesting…


Bloomberg Bets The House With Boston Mayor On Super Bowl Outcome

NYPost: With the Super Bowl less than a week away, Mayor Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino announced a friendly wager today on who would win the big game between Big Blue and the New England Patriots.

If the Giants win, a New York family will win a Super Tour of Boston. They will receive:

— Four tickets on JetBlue — A two-night stay at the Ritz Carlton — Dinner for four at Legal Seafoods Harborside — Dinner for four at the Top of the Hub restaurant — Four tickets to a performance at the Citi Performing Arts Center — Four box seats at a Bruins or Celtics game at the TD Garden  — A behind-the-scenes-tour of the newly expanded Isabella Stewart Gardner museum — A Duck Tour ride — A VIP tour of the personal diaries of John Adams, which inspired the HBO series, at the Boston Public Library. — A VIP tour of the Samuel Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plain — A photo with Menino

If the Patriots win, one Boston family will win a Super Tour of New York City. They will receive:

— Four tickets on the Delta Shuttle — A two-night stay at the Grand Hyatt — Dinner for four at the newly reopened Russian Tea Room — Lunch or dinner for four at B. Smith’s restaurant — Four club seats at a Rangers or Knicks game — Four tickets to the Phantom of the Opera — A ride with the captain on Statue Cruises to Liberty and Ellis Islands with a VIP tour of the Statue of Liberty crown and museum, including lunch — A VIP tour of the new American wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art — A VIP tour of the Brooklyn Brewery — A photo with Bloomberg

The winners will be chosen through an online lottery system. More information about how to enter will be available from the losing city after the Super Bowl. “New York sports teams have a history of cleaning up when they go to Boston – and now our fans will have a chance to do the same,” said Bloomberg, who will attend the game in Indianapolis. “Any New Yorker not too tired from salsa dancing Sunday night will be able to enter an online lottery for the chance to win.”

“I have a lot of faith in the Patriots. They carried us this far, and I hope they’ll carry the Vince Lombardi Trophy right back to Boston,” added Menino. “But either on the field or off, the City of Boston wins by being able to showcase some of the best our great city has to offer.”


Listen to our goddamn mayor! Just beating his dick and letting it spray all over Boston. ‘Any New Yorker not too tired from salsa dancing Sunday night will be able to enter an online lottery for the chance to win.’ Just as confident as the Giants are right now and I love it! We already have Giants flags flying on the trolleys in San Fran and now we’re gonna have Giants fans roaming the streets of downtown Boston in Manning jerseys acting like they give a fuck they are there. Bring on the Pats!

Bill Cundiff Can’t Catch A Break; Even On His Own Team’s Website

Yahoo!Sports: Is there no safe place left on this earth for Billy Cundiff? Not even the Ravens’ very own website can stop from poking Cundiff with a sharp stick. This wasn’t a message board or a comments section, either ‒ it wasn’t even an editorial piece. It was the team’s web store. Of course, the organization might still be a bit bitter about the 32-yard field goal Cundiff missed at the end of the AFC Championship game. That miss prevented a tie that would have taken the game to overtime in the New England Patriots’ eventual 23-20 win, but the pass Lee Evans lost in the end zone on that same drive would have put the Ravens in the Super Bowl, and you don’t see mean things about Evans in the web store. It’s a rough life, this kicking thing.


Ouch, $107.99 for a Billy Cundiff jersey?! They probably couldn’t give those things away right now let alone pay that much for a kid’s version of it. When you’re own team’s website posts something like this, it’s time to leave town and move on. Wonder what Kyle Williams jerseys are currently going for?

Rex Ryan Tells Pats Fan To ‘Shut The F*** Up’

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP)—The NFL is looking into an Internet video that appears to show New York Jets coach Rex Ryan using an obscenity while angrily responding to a fan after the team’s 37-16 loss to the New England Patriots. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says Monday that the league is aware of the 48-second video, which shows the Jets walking off the field Sunday night. When Ryan appears, someone is heard yelling, “Hey, Rex, Belichick is better than you,” referring to Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Ryan looks up and tells the fan to “shut up” while also using an obscenity. Ryan was fined $50,000 by the Jets in 2010 after he was caught on a cellphone camera giving the middle finger to a fan during a mixed martial arts event in Florida.


Welp, Rex will be digging deep into his pockets for this one. I understand emotions were running high after that nail biter in New England but in today’s world you HAVE to know that there is a 99% chance of someone recording you when walking off the field. Rex, you gave them exactly what they wanted which was a frustrated and emotional reaction that they can now post all over the internet and…here we are. To be honest I would be just as mad though. You play the worst defense in the league and get Sandusky’d by them (too soon?). Back to the drawing board and like I’ve said since last year, you’re not winning a Super Bowl with Sanchez taking snaps. Is it too late to make a run for Andrew Luck? Keep it classy Jets fans.

Giants/Jets Outlook: Week 10


Ohhhhhhh boy! Giants on the west coast and 3.5 point underdogs!!! Love it. Nicks might be back, Bradshaw is out and Eli is still blowing the smoke off his trigger finger. Giants walk into San Fran like the bosses they were last week in New England and look to improve on their lead in the the NFC East. Philly sucks, Dallas is killing themselves, and who is that other team…? Oh yea, Washington who is irrelevant. As long as the Giants are underdogs I feel comfortable with a 3.5 point spread. It’s when they are favored that I get nervous. Giants +3.5 in the over at 42.5


241 New York Giants +3½  -110 +160
42½ O -110
U -110
20 O -110
U -120
242 San Francisco 49ers -3½  -110 -190
23 O -115
U -115
Week 10
Let’s get real, this won’t be even close to as exciting as Giants/Patriots but it’s still a division rivalry so it’s a big game. This is also to decide first place in the AFC East since Buffalo is proving they are the same team they’ve always been in the past years and Miami is dropping games for a draft pick. Rex Ryan has already come out and asked the fans for help and that could actually be a huge factor in this Sunday night nationally televised showdown. Tom Brady is trying to stop a 2 game losing streak for the Pats and keep his team in the lead of the AFC East. The Patriots haven’t lost 3 straight games since 2002 and I have a feeling the losing streak will continue due to a Patriots defense that is in complete disarray. The Jets could be their own worst enemy if they walk into this game thinking it’s going to be easy. This game is the Patriots offense against the Jets defense and after last week, I think we saw that Brady is losing his touch. Unless he can use his tight ends every other down, I don’t see the Pats being able to pull this one off. The other big question is whether or not the Jets offense can mount points on this sorrowful defense. We’ll see Sunday night but I’m running with the Jets-2 and the over at 47.5
243 New England Patriots +2  -110 +110
47½ O -110
U -110
23 O -115
U -115
244 New York Jets -2  -110 -130
24½ O -120
U -110
NBC Week 10

Rex Ryan Sells Out And Plays A Pats Fan In Upcoming Sandler Movie

Daily News:

Maybe Rex Ryan will get to kiss Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl rings after all. The brash-talking Jets coach plays, of all things, a New England Patriots fan in an upcoming movie starring Adam Sandler. NFL Network’s Rich Eisen revealed the news on his Thursday podcast that featured Sandler. Ryan plays a Boston lawyer in “I Hate You, Dad,” which was filmed in Massachusetts last summer. It’s not Ryan’s first rodeo on the acting scene. Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum had cameos on an episode of “CSI: New York” earlier this year. “He’s my lawyer,” Sandler told Eisen. “My character . . . is kind of a dirtbag guy and he’s in trouble. Rex is an inexpensive lawyer in town. He takes care of me. He’s also a mammoth Patriots fan in the movie.” Ryan as a Patriots fan? “We wrote it in the script,” Sandler said. “He was great enough to be loose and funny about it. He talks about (Tom) Brady. He talks about Coach Belichick. He’s really cool.” As expected, Ryan was fully prepared to take on the role.

So what’s next for this attention whore? Dancing With The Stars? New reality show? I’m pretty surprised Rex hasn’t made Jets jerseys with his name on the back. I don’t even want to hear ‘he’s doing it on purpose to take the spotlight and pressure off his team’. Really? Cause the whole flipping off the cameraman at the MMA fight and foot fetish youtube video all came out in the off season. This guy loves cameras more than an Asian tourist but then again I guess he’s gonna need something to fall back on since the whole coaching thing isn’t working out.

Giants/Jets Outlook: Week 5

Despite all the injuries they’ve endured, the Giants are playing smash mouth football right now and that streak will continue right into this weekend. Seattle comes to GIANTS STADIUM Sunday where they are 1-6 all time. With not much to offer on either side of the ball, I’m actually surprised they are only receiving 9 points in this game. Expect the G-Men to light up the scoreboard and the defense to have another solid week and if Tuck returns, things might even get uglier. No fucking way do the Giants win this game by less than 9 points and I’m all over the U/O at 43.5.

419 Seattle Seahawks +9½  -110 +350
43½ O -110
U -110
17 O -115
U -115
420 New York Giants -9½  -110 -450
27 O -110
U -120
Week 5
Now…onto the goddamn Jets. I cannot fuckin predict one thing right with this team. They are all over the place. Not that it gets any better going into New England this weekend but the only light I can see at the end of the tunnel is how bad the Patriots defense is. No, I’m not saying the Jets are going to win this weekend but the 9 point spread has me scratching my chin. No doubt the Patriots will put up big numbers but I’m thinking the Jets might do the same thing. If Sanchez can put that miserable display of football last week behind him and actually throw an accurate pass, then they might be able to keep this game close. Also expect the Jets to do a lot of running in this game. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Jets will lose but not by more than 9 points. Definitely taking that over at 48.5.
423 New York Jets +9  -110 +350
48½ O -110
U -110
20 O -110
U -120
424 New England Patriots -9  -110 -450
28½ O -125
U -105
Week 5