Bill Cundiff Can’t Catch A Break; Even On His Own Team’s Website

Yahoo!Sports: Is there no safe place left on this earth for Billy Cundiff? Not even the Ravens’ very own website can stop from poking Cundiff with a sharp stick. This wasn’t a message board or a comments section, either ‒ it wasn’t even an editorial piece. It was the team’s web store. Of course, the organization might still be a bit bitter about the 32-yard field goal Cundiff missed at the end of the AFC Championship game. That miss prevented a tie that would have taken the game to overtime in the New England Patriots’ eventual 23-20 win, but the pass Lee Evans lost in the end zone on that same drive would have put the Ravens in the Super Bowl, and you don’t see mean things about Evans in the web store. It’s a rough life, this kicking thing.


Ouch, $107.99 for a Billy Cundiff jersey?! They probably couldn’t give those things away right now let alone pay that much for a kid’s version of it. When you’re own team’s website posts something like this, it’s time to leave town and move on. Wonder what Kyle Williams jerseys are currently going for?

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Nothing has more of an alone feeling than losing the AFC/NFC Championship for your team. I wonder if after the night game, Billy Cundiff called up Kyle Williams to meet up and commit group suicide. So if you HAD to be on one of these teams, which one would it be?  The Ravens who missed a chip shot field goal to send the Patriots to the Super Bowl or the 49ers who muffed a punt and then fumbled to send the Giants to the Super Bowl? Personally, I have to go with the Ravens here simply on the fact that the field goal was not for the win but only to send the game to OT. Plus Cundiff only fucked up once and since the AFC is such a joke, he’ll probably be back in the same game next year. Kyle Williams screwed up twice and the 49ers will probably not make it to the finals for another decade. I was debating on also throwing ‘member of Harbaugh family’ in there but I felt like it isn’t even close to how these stooges feel.