Question Of The Day: How Would You Rather Your Season End?












Nothing has more of an alone feeling than losing the AFC/NFC Championship for your team. I wonder if after the night game, Billy Cundiff called up Kyle Williams to meet up and commit group suicide. So if you HAD to be on one of these teams, which one would it be?  The Ravens who missed a chip shot field goal to send the Patriots to the Super Bowl or the 49ers who muffed a punt and then fumbled to send the Giants to the Super Bowl? Personally, I have to go with the Ravens here simply on the fact that the field goal was not for the win but only to send the game to OT. Plus Cundiff only fucked up once and since the AFC is such a joke, he’ll probably be back in the same game next year. Kyle Williams screwed up twice and the 49ers will probably not make it to the finals for another decade. I was debating on also throwing ‘member of Harbaugh family’ in there but I felt like it isn’t even close to how these stooges feel.


San Francisco’s Mayor Embarrasses New York With Wager

Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg is betting an iconic San Francisco cable car will be flying Giants flags once Big Blue punches its ticket to the Super Bowl by beating the 49ers Sunday. Bloomberg and his Bay Area city counterpart, Mayor Ed Lee, engaged in a friendly wager and some trash talking Wednesday. If the Giants win, Lee will send Bloomberg some of his city’s classic sourdough bread and hang Giants’ flags from a cable car. But if the 49ers triumph in the NFC Championship showdown, Bloomberg agreed to rename the Theater District’s 49th St. “49ers Street” and send Lee a dozen bagels from Bagel Oasis in Queens. “After Sunday, Niners fans will be left with a taste as sour as their famous bread, and the Giants will have their sights set on another trophy,” Bloomberg said. Lee countered that “the Giants will have to leave their hearts and their Super Bowl hopes in San Francisco.” Bloomberg encouraged New Yorkers to wear blue on Friday to send the Giants off on a victorious West Coast trip.


Good thing our bajillionaire mayor has enough faith in the Giants to bet a bag of bagels on ’em. But that’s OK because I know the only reason he had to stoop so low was because the San Fran mayor can’t even come close to matching anything Bloomjew threw down. It’s kinda like when you’re down to your last chips in poker and you just say “fuck it, I’m all in.” Well in this case all in is a loaf of sour dough bread and a street name. Hey Mayor Lee, keep your sour dough bread to yourself, wave our flag all over your city, and we’ll send a private jet for you and your wife so you can sit front row at our championship ceremony at Gracie Manor. Oh yea, and please name the best weed in your pot shops “Elite Big Blue.”