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No BART delay or Muni runaway train is going to ruin tomorrow in San Francisco. The entire city will be transformed into Gotham City for 5-year-old Miles, a leukemia patient whose one wish was to be a crime-fighting super hero — specifically Batkid. So the amazing folks over at the Make-A-Wish Foundation are making this wish come true tomorrow. The police chief, Mayor Ed Lee, and the SFMTA, to name a few, will be calling upon “Batkid” to help a troubled San Francisco. Batkid is going to be really busy tomorrow, and here’s why:

  • At about 10 a.m., Miles will depart the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Union Square in his batmobile after answering the Chief of Police’s call for help. He’ll exit the building through loading dock area located between Williams-Sonoma and the former Levi’s store on Post Street between Powell and Stockton streets.
  • He’ll head to Hyde and Green streets where a Damsel in distress is rescued from the Hyde Street cable car line on the 1900 block of Hyde, between Green and Union streets
  • At 10:15 batkid’s services will be needed down on Montgomery Street where a bank robbery will be taking place. Batman and Batkid will arrest the Riddler, who is in the middle of robbing a vault at the bank on 500 Montgomery St. The Riddler is carted off in an SFPD paddy wagon, thanks to Batkid’s efforts.
  • At 11:15 a.m., Batkid will finally get a chance to refuel at Burger Bar. But while eating, Batkid will be alerted by a flashmob that Lou Seal has been kidnapped by the Penguin.

Next stop: AT&T Park

  • Batman and Batkid chase the Penguin around the Promenade level of AT&T park, going through the cable car, down the Coke bottle slide, and ending up near the miniature ball park. Lou Seal is tied up there, and our little hero will rescue him. They go down to the field to watch a message on the Jumbotron from the Chief of Police, inviting them to City Hall where the mayor is waiting to give them the key to the city.
  • Batkid makes his way to City Hall to meet Mayor Ed Lee and get the key to the city for all his hard work in keeping San Francisco safe.

“This wish has meant closure for our family and an end to over three years of putting toxic drugs in our son’s body” says Miles’ mom, Natalie. “This wish has become kind of a family reunion and is our celebration of his treatment completion.”

You can head over to any of these locations and cheer Miles on, or watch Batkid in action via Twitter or Instagram at #SFBatKid and @SFWish or @PenguinSF.

It’s going to be a big day for Miles — and San Francisco.

original Third times a charm for Kim Kardashian! Although her engagement ring from Kris Humphries was auctioned off on Oct. 15, Kim already has a new sparkler on her left ring finger — and it’s a stunning engagement ring from boyfriend Kanye West! Kanye rented out San Francisco’s AT&T Park and popped the question on Kim’s birthday, Oct. 21, in front of the couple’s closest family and friends — and he gave her a gigantic flawless diamond to celebrate the special occasion!  According to E!, Kanye selected a sparkler by Lorraine Schwartz for the occasion — and it’s some serious bling! Kanye got down on one knee and proposed to Kim with a 15-carat diamond, emerald-cut ring by the celebrity jeweler. Made up of a flawless diamond, the ring is just blinding – and Kim looks like she couldn’t be happier. According to 78 Universal Jewelers in NYC: “This ring is definitely worth more than the ring Kris Humphires gave her.” Inanelli Diamonds said it also cost millions of dollars! “The retail price of this ring has to be a couple of million, around six or seven to be exact. Location is key in purchasing a ring of this caliber. If someone came into a NYC jewelry store to purchase a ring of this caliber they would shell out around $3,000,000 but in Beverly Hills, this ring is at least $6,000,000 — and a man of Kanye’s status can shell out this amount easily.”

How do the lyrics go? If you ain’t no punk, holla “We want prenup!” “We want prenup!” It’s something that you need to have, cause when she leave your ass she gonna leave with half. Let’s just see how this one plays out…

Side note: There’s no one more deserving of a 15-carat ring than Kim Kardashian. And if you believe that I have a 15-carat ring to sell you.


BoingBoing: On May 10th, a completely naked man entered the 16th street BART station in San Francisco and began attacking people, spitting, urinating and doing gymnastics moves on railings and turnstiles. BART police eventually shut down the station to arrest the man.


No matter who you are commuting in SF on this day, it’s a terrifying scene. When a guy is this hopped up on drugs (probably PCP), common sense and pain go out the window. Straight up zombie style. You can punch, kick, and hit him and he’ll keep coming at you. I’ve seen cases where tasers and pepper spray don’t even work. Not sure how they got the LMFAO guy down but I definitely wouldn’t hang around to find out. Scary stuff.

While many New York fans just turned and watched him leave when Brandon Jacobs was released by the Giants and signed by the San Francisco 49ers in March, one 6-year-old tried to take matters into his own hands by sending the running back a chunk straight from his own life savings. The Giants chose to let Jacobs hit the free-agent market instead of paying him a $500,000 roster bonus and $4.4 million in salary this season, and drafted running back David Wilson in the first round of the draft. However, Jacobs clearly still has support in New York, as young Joe emptied his own pockets for the man. This kid definitely deserves some love from Jacobs, and the Giants’ October 14 visit to San Francisco may be a good time to return the money.


While some of you might think this is cute, let’s look at the big picture here. The kid will not only get his money back ($3.36 what kind of slave allowance is he on?) from his parents, but most likely get a surprise visit from an NFL player. And if he doesn’t bust a 6-year old nut over that, I’m sure Jacobs will bring signed swag with him to cap it off. Now as a fellow Giants fan, I’d like to ask little Joey WTF ARE YOU THINKING so I wrote my own note back to him:

Dear kid,

I don’t know what you were watching on Sundays this past football season but there’s no way it was Brandon Jacobs mowing people down like a John Deere because he was on the sidelines for most of the offensive plays. The man has cinder blocks for feet and clearly needs a compass to understand what north/south means. While your $3.36 might not even be enough to pay for the stamp required to send your own letter, I’m sure Brandon was glad to accept it and spent it less than an hour later at some dumpy strip club outside San Fran. You’ll probably never know about strip clubs since you give all your money away to athletes on the decline but that’s why I’m writing to you. Since your father doesn’t have the common decency to explain salary caps and free agency to you, let me just put this simple. Don’t question the Giants management. They’ve won 2 Super Bowls in the last 5 years and every year have one of the best drafts in the league. They have the hardest schedule in football every year and somehow seem to squeeze through to the playoffs. Have some goddamn faith!



P.S. As long as you’re handing out money, I’m living on a tight budget in NYC. Send me whatever you got! Thanks pal!


I have goddamn goosebumps right now and I’m so jacked up that I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself until game time! The Giants are storming into one of the most flaming/hippie cities in the country so I’ll say figuratively they will be bending the 49ers over and having their way with them on Sunday. Revenge was sweet last week but it was only half of what the they needed to get out of their system. The 49ers get 1 miracle catch every 15 years and unfortunately for them, they used theirs last week. I 100% expect Vernon Davis to walk off the field crying in back to back weeks but not because he made the game winning catch this time. Because the Giants embarrassed his team at home to go to the Super Bowl. All in? I’m fuckin’ balls deep! Let’s go BigBlue!

Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg is betting an iconic San Francisco cable car will be flying Giants flags once Big Blue punches its ticket to the Super Bowl by beating the 49ers Sunday. Bloomberg and his Bay Area city counterpart, Mayor Ed Lee, engaged in a friendly wager and some trash talking Wednesday. If the Giants win, Lee will send Bloomberg some of his city’s classic sourdough bread and hang Giants’ flags from a cable car. But if the 49ers triumph in the NFC Championship showdown, Bloomberg agreed to rename the Theater District’s 49th St. “49ers Street” and send Lee a dozen bagels from Bagel Oasis in Queens. “After Sunday, Niners fans will be left with a taste as sour as their famous bread, and the Giants will have their sights set on another trophy,” Bloomberg said. Lee countered that “the Giants will have to leave their hearts and their Super Bowl hopes in San Francisco.” Bloomberg encouraged New Yorkers to wear blue on Friday to send the Giants off on a victorious West Coast trip.


Good thing our bajillionaire mayor has enough faith in the Giants to bet a bag of bagels on ’em. But that’s OK because I know the only reason he had to stoop so low was because the San Fran mayor can’t even come close to matching anything Bloomjew threw down. It’s kinda like when you’re down to your last chips in poker and you just say “fuck it, I’m all in.” Well in this case all in is a loaf of sour dough bread and a street name. Hey Mayor Lee, keep your sour dough bread to yourself, wave our flag all over your city, and we’ll send a private jet for you and your wife so you can sit front row at our championship ceremony at Gracie Manor. Oh yea, and please name the best weed in your pot shops “Elite Big Blue.”