Kanye Gives Kim Kardashian A 15-Carat Diamond Ring


HollywoodLife.com: Third times a charm for Kim Kardashian! Although her engagement ring from Kris Humphries was auctioned off on Oct. 15, Kim already has a new sparkler on her left ring finger — and it’s a stunning engagement ring from boyfriend Kanye West! Kanye rented out San Francisco’s AT&T Park and popped the question on Kim’s birthday, Oct. 21, in front of the couple’s closest family and friends — and he gave her a gigantic flawless diamond to celebrate the special occasion!  According to E!, Kanye selected a sparkler by Lorraine Schwartz for the occasion — and it’s some serious bling! Kanye got down on one knee and proposed to Kim with a 15-carat diamond, emerald-cut ring by the celebrity jeweler. Made up of a flawless diamond, the ring is just blinding – and Kim looks like she couldn’t be happier. According to 78 Universal Jewelers in NYC: “This ring is definitely worth more than the ring Kris Humphires gave her.” Inanelli Diamonds said it also cost millions of dollars! “The retail price of this ring has to be a couple of million, around six or seven to be exact. Location is key in purchasing a ring of this caliber. If someone came into a NYC jewelry store to purchase a ring of this caliber they would shell out around $3,000,000 but in Beverly Hills, this ring is at least $6,000,000 — and a man of Kanye’s status can shell out this amount easily.”

How do the lyrics go? If you ain’t no punk, holla “We want prenup!” “We want prenup!” It’s something that you need to have, cause when she leave your ass she gonna leave with half. Let’s just see how this one plays out…

Side note: There’s no one more deserving of a 15-carat ring than Kim Kardashian. And if you believe that I have a 15-carat ring to sell you.


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