We’re Goin’, Goin’ Back, Back To Cali, Cali!


I have goddamn goosebumps right now and I’m so jacked up that I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself until game time! The Giants are storming into one of the most flaming/hippie cities in the country so I’ll say figuratively they will be bending the 49ers over and having their way with them on Sunday. Revenge was sweet last week but it was only half of what the they needed to get out of their system. The 49ers get 1 miracle catch every 15 years and unfortunately for them, they used theirs last week. I 100% expect Vernon Davis to walk off the field crying in back to back weeks but not because he made the game winning catch this time. Because the Giants embarrassed his team at home to go to the Super Bowl. All in? I’m fuckin’ balls deep! Let’s go BigBlue!

Green Bay Must Be Shitting Themselves Right Now


The defense pitched a shutout, two huge 4th down stops, Hakeem Nicks dirty birding all over the place, Eli showing why he’s a top QB in the NFL, Jacobs running people over like a MAC truck. I mean if you’re the Packers you have to be scared as all fuck right now, right? The Giants already showed that they can keep up with the Pack and go into Green Bay peaking on all cylinders. I hope Tom Coughlin’s face doesn’t freeze off again cause it’s gonna be a cold one! On to Wisconsin!

By the way, my cousin gave up his ticket to the game and this was him from 1:00 to 4:00 on playoff Sunday. One late Saturday night and the kid can’t hang. Unbelievable.


Bring On Atlanta!


Is anyone hotter than Victor Cruz right now? I mean the guy only led the NFL in receiving yards this year and didn’t even play a full season! Even NBC had salsa music cued and ready to go when he scored his touchdown. Yes, the Giants fell asleep for a quarter and a half last night but thankfully it didn’t affect the outcome of the game. The defense stepped up big, Eli looked like a top 5 quarterback, and we have home field advantage for the first round of the playoffs. Tony Romo should probably consider retirement and Jason Garrett should be fired. I was at the game last night sitting directly under Jerry Jones’ box and it was the greatest feeling in the world to wave goodbye when the clock hit 0:00. 2012 couldn’t have started any better and bring on the Atlanta Fairies!


Giants/Jets: Week 4 Outlook


Coming off a stunning victory in Philly, the NY Giants demoralized the Eagles at home and showed the ‘Dream Team’ that money can’t buy wins. A lot of people, myself included, did not see that coming. Hopefully Big Blue’s momentum will carry over into Arizona where the Giants stunned the world in Super Bowl XLII. As long as the defense can do what they did in Philly, I don’t see how the Giants can’t win this game, even with the -1. The real challenge in this game will be to hold Larry Fitz in check which will probably be a huge task for an already slacking secondary. Antrel Rolle will be returning to his former home which will hopefully amp up his play. Also look for the emergence of Viktor Cruz to become even bigger. Even though Mario Manningham is back, Cruz showed that he can make the big plays in big moments last week. With Osi possibly making his debut this season, I’m all over the Giants -1 and taking the over at 44.5. Too much offense in this game.


227 New York Giants -1  -110
44½ O -110
U -110
228 Arizona Cardinals +1  -110
Week 4
In another upset special, the NY Jets were tossed around like a rape victim last week in Oakland. My projection for that game couldn’t have been farther off. I never saw Darren McFadden treating that Jets DEF like a pop warner team. Not only could they not stop the Raiders but the offense looked just as stagnant. With the talent the Jets have, you wonder where the problems lies. Is it Schotty? Is it Sanchez? Is it Rex? Whatever it is, it needs to change immediately this week against a dangerous Ravens team on Sunday night. After 3 weeks the Ravens have impressed with Ray Rice and will go up against a Jets defense that has had a LOT of trouble stopping the run. Derrick Mason and Rex Ryan will both face their former teams which hopefully means they will both go into the game with a chip on their shoulders. If the Jets line can hold then expect a close, low scoring affair in Baltimore. If not we could easily see the Jets at 2-2 and 0-2 on the road. We all saw what the Ravens offense can do to a team with a solid defense (i.e. Steelers). I still like the Jets with the +3 points and the under at 42.
235 New York Jets +3  +100 +160
42 O -110
U -110
236 Baltimore Ravens -3  -120 -190
NBCWeek 4

Giants/Jets Outlook: Week 3


Coming off a must win game at home on MNF, the Giants go into Sunday down yet another player, Domenik Hixon tore his ACL this week. With a sloppy win against the injury riddled Rams, the Giants face the huge task of going into Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. It’s not looking good for a weak Giants offense going up against a tough Eagles DEF. The Giants secondary also looks shaky with a lot of missing confidence. Not good going up against an offense run by Michael Vick and all the weapons he has at his disposal. Vick will be wearing a specially made Kevlar helmet on Sunday to give him max protection against concussions so we probably will not be seeing him rush as often as usual. That is a huge help to a Giants defense who was taking dives to stop the clock against the Rams. There is not currently a line out for this game but with Vick playing, I would have to assume it’s going to favor the Eagles by at least a field goal. With a shaky Giants team in Philadelphia, have to go Eagles here.


The 2-0 Jets fly to the west coast to play the 4pm game against a very underrated Oakland Raiders team. The Jets looked impressive in their win over Jacksonville last week but they should have since the Jags look to be having a rebuilding year. Hopefully keeping the momentum going, Sanchez and his offense will go up against a Raider defense that has allowed 58 points in 2 games. Expect the Jets to pound the ball on the ground just as they did the last time these teams met 2 years ago. The Raider defense cannot stop the run this year and expect the Jets to exploit them even more. No way will this game be within 3 points and I’m taking the Jets in the over at 41.


413 New York Jets -3  -115 -175
41 O -110
U -110
21½ O -120
U -110
414 Oakland Raiders +3  -105 +155
17½ O -130
U +100

Giants/Jets Outlook: Week 2

Giants failed everyone in NY last week and now they must make a statement on MNF. Week 1 was a ‘feel’em out’ game and we know what we’re working with now. No more room for mistakes. Rams come into this game with just as many injuries as the Giants and in key positions. Bradford has a hurt finger, Jackson has a strained quad (kind of important at his position), and Amendola is basically done for the year with a broken arm. No excuses for the Giants this week in the Meadowlands! I love the Giants -6 against this struggling Rams offense. I also like the over at 44 since the G-Men will be scoring a lot more than last week.


227 St Louis Rams +6  -110 +230
44 O -110
U -110


228 New York Giants -6  -110 -270  



The Jets played in a tough week 1 game and just like they were able to do last year, pulled off the win in the last remaining seconds. If you’re trying to tell me that the Jets aren’t going to beat Jacksonville by more than 8.5 points this week, you’re either crazy or a Jaguars fan. Jacksonville is awful this year and don’t even have a grasp on who is playing the most important position on the field for them. The Jets offense will be on the field most of this game and just raking in the fantasy points. At 39.5, I’m going under since I think the only way it’s going to get close to that is if the Jets score 40 points themselves.


201 Jacksonville Jaguars +8½  -110 +350
39½ O -110
U -110


202 New York Jets -8½  -110 -450  


Giants/Jets Outlook: Week 1


Week 1 and could it have gotten off to a better start?! Yea I had Jordy Nelson riding the pine on my fantasy team but 76 points later the game was decided on the 1 yard line. Now comes the big opening weekend for the Giants and their quest for another Super Bowl and the Jets and their quest to win the AFC Championship.


469 New York Giants -3  -110 -155
37½ O -110
U -110
20 O -120
U -110
470 Washington Redskins +3  -110 +135
17 O -120
U -110
Regular Season Week 1
With a depleted defense and now Justin Tuck in question for Sunday’s game, the Giants offense is going to have to step up big. They usually play well against the ‘Skins but they are far from 100% healthy. That being said, have to go with Giants -3 here. Even with the injuries they’ve had, the offense has looked pretty good and the defense has been able to hold their own for the most part. 37.5 as an over/under is being pretty modest and might have to do with it being the first week of the season but I don’t see the Redskins being able to hold the Giants offense down and they certainly won’t get blanked on the scoreboard. I’m going over. Week 1 is always hard to judge but Giants fans have to keep faith.
477 Dallas Cowboys +5  -110 +200
40½ O -110
U -110
17½ O -120
U -110
478 New York Jets -5  -110 -240
23 O -110
U -120
NBCRegular Season Week 1
Terrorism will never prevail in NY and it won’t hold back Jets fans from opening up the season on 9/11. A pretty big matchup here for both teams as Dallas tries to get a huge jump to their season. They have a double threat at receiver in Dez Bryant and Miles Austin but Austin, if he plays, is injured. Jason Witten will most likely see a number of targets that Bart Scott will have to lock down. The Jets offense just has too many weapons for the Dallas defense to stop and with a sloppy secondary, they will probably get exposed. Both teams will be playing like it’s the Super Bowl and it’s a nationally televised game on 9/11. Advantage Jets. I’m going with the Jets to win but not by more than 5 pts. Also taking the under on 40.5 points.