Old Woman Tossed In Street Is Messed Up But I Can’t Stop Laughing


So I came across this last week and showed it to my roommate and he was wondering how I didn’t post it on CSC. It’s definitely fucked up but the noise she makes while getting spun is just too funny to pass on. Just as I went to throw it on here it got yanked off Youtube. Welp, it resurfaced today and here it is. Now what I want to know is–is she enjoying this or not?





Take A Look At These Hot Celebrities When They Were Teens

Obviously most super stars don’t come out of their mothers looking like A-list supermodels and as evidence shows, some even take the ugly duckling route. Take a look at how these 20 celebs blossomed into what you see today.


via: FratStars/EliteDaily


So Playing Chicken With Subway Trains Is The New Teen Craze In NYC?


I just don’t get kids these days. I’ve recently heard stories from kids sticking vodka covered tampons up their asses to actually drinking hand sanitizer straight from the bottle. Now this shit? Since when was the bar set so high? When I was a kid we did bong hits called “Waterfalls” that basically rendered you paralyzed for about an hour, you got hungry and munched out, called it a night and passed out. That was a “wild” night for me. Call me old fashioned but fuck sticking things up my ass, drinking chemicals, or playing Red Rover with subway trains.

Teens Try To Emulate ‘Project X’ Party; Cause $100,000 Of Damage


So I’m hoping my St. Patty’s Day party doesn’t turn out this way on Saturday but I’m starting to feel as if it might. Us Irish get whiskey in us and all the sudden it’s a combination of Wrestle Mania and Animal House. If I wake up and there’s $100,000 worth of damage to my house I’m gonna be really pissed. I’ll probably go back to sleep, but I’ll be really pissed.

If Sticking Vodka Soaked Tampons Up Your Ass Is Cool, Then You Can Call Me Miles Davis


Have I honestly been out of school for this long that I had no idea this was going on? Is our world this fucked up that this sounds even remotely close to a good idea? The whole point of drinking for me in school was to play drinking games, blackout, and throw up…all to do it over again the next night. What ever happened to beer pong, or Kings, or quarters? No. Let’s stick a tampon covered in Popov up my ass and call it a good time. And kids are also funneling beer through their ass? Kids are clearly fuckin pussies nowadays and I’m glad I didn’t go to school and have to witness this. I’ll tell ya right now, if I were a parent and I got that call I wouldn’t even go to the hospital. Fuck that. I would make my kid sit on the side of the road like this mother, holding a sign saying ‘I THOUGHT PUTTING ALCOHOL IN MY ASS WAS FUN. NOW I HAVE A LEAKY SPHINCTER AND I HAVE TO WEAR DIAPERS.’